Not Quite Over



I have no idea if this multiple image post will work from my phone. If not, I’ll follow up later.

It’s been an adventure, that’s for sure.

Because Hubby has lots of very heavy woodworking tools, we needed a bigger than normal truck. We didn’t need a jumbo moving van. A too small truck would be a problem, but a too big one just means extra space, right?

Wrong. The too big truck wouldn’t fit onto our small street. So they had to find a place to park and rent a smaller truck to shuttle the stuff in.

It sounded like a fine solution. But after a couple hour delay getting the rental, they realized they didn’t have the keys to open the really big trailer.

Sigh. They should have been done by 3:00. It’s almost 5 and they still have one more shuttle load…

More story later. I have unpacking to do.

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