Room With a View

I love the view from my front bedroom window. It makes me smile every day.

Front Bedroom Window

I could do without the unsightly wires. But don’t you just love the newly emerging Fall colors?

This is not a fabulous view, as views go, but it just looks so old-town. Which is what makes me smile. We’re enjoying this living-in-an-old-town adventure.

We don’t like the curtains either. They’re just not us. But I’m working on that!

Meg Likes the View, Too

The dogs like being able to see out of the windows. They’re adjusting to life in the “city,” too. More people. More sights. More sounds.

Of course, that all means more barking, but we’re working on that, too. They’re doing pretty good. But this house is very different. It’s quite an adjustment for dogs used to tearing around the house like crazy beasts to go from a carpeted house to one filled with hardwood floors.

Bathroom View

Here’s what you see out the back bathroom window. It looks very old-town, too, doesn’t it? It’s much nicer on a blue-sky day.

The only thing I don’t like about that particular window right now is this…

Stupid Stink Bug

This is the time of year those stupid stink bugs try their darnedest to get into your house. This one is trapped between the screen and the window. One day, I’ll open the window and put an end to its misery. Not freedom, if that’s what you’re thinking.  I’m leaning more along the lines of a burial at sea.

As for the dogs…

Bored Girls

They have not been super-cooperative in the picture-taking department. Nevertheless, they are all healthy, happy, and slowly adjusting to town life.

Our yard is pretty small at the moment. It’ll be much better one we extend the fence line a bit. That will take a little longer than we’d like. we need to go through the architectural review board for that one. We don’t have a homeowners’ association, but we live in Old Town Warrenton, which is a historic district. So we need to follow certain guidelines.

We’ll probably go to the WV place this weekend. We haven’t been since August! They’ll be happy to do some running, I’m sure. Perhaps I’ll get some decent dog pics then.

2 Replies to “Room With a View”

  1. Beautiful views. Looks like a fantastic house with lots of character. We’ve been here for four years now and I still haven’t gotten around to changing the window coverings! Hopefully you have better luck at that than me. 😉

  2. Jess, considering you have three kids and a farm, I am not surprised! I have a little more spare time than you, I’m sure. Although the job gets a bit demanding at times…

    Thanks for the nice comment. I hope to catch up on your blog soon!

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