That’s Amore

Amy figured out what was going on in the picture I posted yesterday (re-posted below).

Bug Sex!

Shannon was close with her guess, but was missing a couple of critical details. First, there are two stick bugs in the photo, not one like Shannon guessed. Second, they’re mating. Or, as Hubby so eloquently explained, “One bug is sticking it to the other!”

I’ve always known these insects to be referred to as walking sticks or stick bugs. They’re scientific name is Phasmatodea or Phasmids.

We’ve got lots of them at the WV place. I’d see one occasionally at our old Maryland house. But in West Virginia, they are regulars.

We see skinny brown ones like this often.

Even if we do see them often, I still find them fascinating.

An unusual green stick bug.

I don’t remember ever having seen a green one before.

And I certainly don’t remember seeing two stick bugs locked in an amorous embrace.

I thought you might find them interesting, so I snapped a few photos. But when I saw the SECOND couple going at it, I knew I had to do a post.

Sticking it to her...

Actually, the second shot was the first couple I spotted. They were pretty obvious right about at eye level on the back of our house. I’m not sure how I managed to spot the second couple hanging out on our electric meter.

And I always thought you rubbed two sticks together to make fire, not more sticks…

If you didn’t get the “That’s Amore” reference, CLICK HERE.

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