Letting Loose

I don’t know about you, but we enjoyed the long holiday weekend. All five of us. Me, Hubby, and the dogs. We hadn’t been to the WV place in a long time. And we hadn’t had a weekend with NOTHING to do for a while either.

It was lovely.

I haven’t posted many dog pics of late, so I am going to make up for it here. In other words, lots of doggie pics follow.

Belle Doing the Ostrich Thing

The girls were especially tickled to be there. They really enjoy having the freedom to run. Even though we do have an invisible fence now, they still have about 5 acres of area to cover. They LOVE it.


Belle and K like to hunt rodents.

Two Peas in a Pod

Correction… they LOVE to hunt rodents.


They are quite good at it, too. I don’t know if they ever caught anything here. I got tired of watching.

As a side note… the weather was quite nice this weekend. Friday was in the low 70s and Saturday got up into the mid 60s. Those outfits the dogs are wearing aren’t to keep them warm, they are their “don’t shoot me” vests. It’s deer hunting season in West Virginia.

As for Meg…

"Oh, I love the outdoors!"

She was equally as happy to be free to roam and do her thing.

Morning in the Woods

I liked being there, too. I’m just not into burying my head in the ground or rolling in the leaves.

Going for a Ride?

I opened the back of the truck at one point. I can’t remember why. But all three of the girls jumped in, assuming we were going for a ride.

We weren’t.

But don’t they look cute waiting?

The next day was more of the same…

Belle Doing the Ostrich Again
Meg (Pose 1)

I asked Meg to help me choose between these two shots (above and below) so I could only post one. We couldn’t decide. So you get to see both.

Meg (Pose 2)
Belle, Running
K Just Being K
All Three in One Action Photo (No Clue What Action)
Belle Being Belle
K and Meg

Hubby and I did get out and have some fun of our own. We went for a nice bike ride.

Cool Road

The road would’ve been cooler if it had a bridge so we could cross the river. We haven’t tried fording streams on the bikes yet. We’ll wait for warmer weather for that one. Not to mention there was about an 8-foot drop to get to the water.

When Hubby stopped at the end of the road, I asked him if we were going to jump the river. You know, do the Evil Knievel thing.

He said no.

After a brief rest, it was back on the road for us.

That was our nice, quiet weekend. Boring, right? We loved it. How was your weekend?

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  1. I never tire of looking at pictures of dogs. It’s another perk of visiting your blog. Glad you had a nice weekend.

    I’m making out my Christmas cards and am unsure if the address I have for you is current. If you don’t mind, please e-mail me where to send you mail. Thanks!

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