Christmas Re-cap

So, how was your Christmas? Mine was awesome. I was going to tell you all about my cool gifts, then I saw one of my blogger buddies did sort of a gift inventory post. I decided to do the copycat thing and post pics of my gifts, too. But I have to get to work, so that’ll have to wait. In the meantime, here are some family pics from Christmas day.

Hubby and I drove up to Baltimore for Christmas. We took the girls, too, since we knew we’d be gone for awhile. We dropped them off at his Mom’s house and then went to visit with my parents.

My Mom and Dad

We saw Eric and Kelsey briefly before they had to scurry off to PA to visit with her family. I didn’t get a picture of them, so here’s a shot from about a month ago…

Eric and Kelsey

That’s actually one of their engagement photos. They make a very cute couple. We’re all quite excited for them! (The wedding is scheduled for April 2013.)

After visiting with my parents for awhile, we went and visited with Hubby’s Mom. Since Shannon is in San Diego, we Skyped with her while she opened the gifts we’d mailed to her. I didn’t get a pic of the computer screen (that would be pretty lame anyway), but here’s a pic of Shannon with Hubby from this past September.

Hubby and Shannon

Amy and family met us at Grandma’s house. We were all very happy to see them together. You may or may not remember that last Christmas, TJ was deployed.

Amy's Family

Brianna, who recently turned 11, is getting pretty tall. In fact, she’s almost caught up to Grandma.

Brianna and GG

The boys were looking awfully cute. And they even posed nicely for a picture.

Gaige and Joey

Sort of. Gaige has this thing about making weird faces in pictures. He’ll regret that one day when he’s grown and I show his girlfriends all these goofy-face shots I have.

The Grandkids

That one is better. I cannot believe how fast they are all growing!

Hubby and Me

Here’s one of Hubby and me. He’s looking a bit Oriental. Normally I would’ve selected a different shot — Amy took several — but they were really blurry. She’s not used to my camera.

Pop and Grandkids

Here’s one of Hubby with the grandkids. The boys were watching Pop play with Amy’s Kindle and Brianna was fooling with her iPod. Techno-Christmas!

Finally, here’s a shot of me…

Me in the Scarf Granny Trace Made for Me Last Year

I’m looking a bit shiny. I wanted to get a shot earlier in the day when I could’ve gone outside and captured this without the flash. But I forgot. I still wanted to show off the scarf Granny Trace made for me last year, so you just have to suffer through the shiny pic. Sorry!

I’d love to hear all about your holiday. More pics to come later this week when my parents, brother, sister-in-law, nephew, Eric, and Kelsey come to VA for a visit…


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  1. My Christmas was actually much more awesome than I expected considering I was so far away from family. Glad I got to Skype with you and at least see you guys and Grandma. On a side note, I talked to the kids at about the same time you took the techno-Christmas picture – they sounded as distracted on the phone as they are enthralled in that shot! 🙂

  2. Shan, sorry the kids were so distracted. ShyB, thanks. I am trying to be more colorful this year! Mawsie, without the oxygen, you might not be standing.

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