Girlfriend Getaway Continued

I think 2011 has been the most irregular blogging year for me ever. It’s been a crazy, hectic year. But a good year in many ways.

For those of you who haven’t given up on me… as mentioned in my last post, I have lots of pics from my recent girlfriend getaway weekend.

I always take lots of pics, but this time I had an ulterior motive. My girlfriend Tracey, who hosted this year’s shindig, is also the host of the Granny Trace Scraps and Squares blog. She doesn’t have lots of time to take pics around the home place. And doesn’t know how to edit pics like me. So I figured I’d capture some blog material for her.

I love a good excuse to take even more pics than usual. 🙂

Tracey’s house is like a country craft store. Except nothing is for sale. Oh, and you don’t need to walk around in fear of breaking stuff. The place is cozy, warm, and full of love.

I’m not exaggerating. Not even a little bit. See for yourself.

The Family Room Fireplace


A Small Portion of Her Santa Collection


Piper Looking Out the Window




The Sewing Room

That Piper is one photogenic pup, isn’t she?

Wall Art

I even managed to get a few nice shots of Tracey.

Tracey with Her Christmas Chicken

That’s one of my favorites, ’cause she’s showing off her Christmas chicken. I found that months ago in an antique store. As soon as I saw it, I said, literally, “Oh my God, that chicken has Tracey’s name written all over it!”

Now, some folks might be all like, “Oh, nice. You got me a used cookie jar for Christmas. And it’s a chicken.”

Tracey loved it. Because she likes chickens. And old stuff. Besides, that cookie jar just happens to look like Big Joe, her largest, most rambunctious rooster.

Tracey has lots of critters.

There’s Piper, of course.

Piper Chillin' in the Sewing Room

There’s turkeys.


There used to be more, but this is December. Thanksgiving just passed. And these birds are thankful they didn’t end up on someone’s table. (Tracey is planning on growing her own turkeys next year, so she needs to keep these alive.)

There are quite a few chickens, too. I didn’t count when I was there, but just this morning her blog said she has 37.


Thirty seven chickens!



Big Joe

At first, these birds were camera shy. Of course, it was towards evening when I made my first attempt at capturing some shots of them. Maybe the flash freaked them out? Who knows. But, by the next day, these bad boys were all about getting their picture taken. Really.

In that shot, Joe is looking dead-on at the camera. Here’s a close-up of his face.

Bird Glare

See what I mean?

Moses and Some Hens

And Moses, the rooster with white on his wings, who had run previously every time I even though about touching the camera, was posing like there was no tomorrow.

Group Shot

I even managed to get a nice little group shot.

The hens have names, too. I just can’t remember them.

If you’re wondering how Tracey can name critters she’s planning on eating, don’t fret none. She only names the critters they aren’t going to eat.

Those Who Shan't Be Named

That unfortunate flock confined to the coop is the “dinners.” Those are the eatin’ chickens.

And that’s it for your tour of Tracey’s lovely country home and the critters of Turtle Tree Farms.

Now, I think I’ll go make myself a nice egg sandwich…


8 Replies to “Girlfriend Getaway Continued”

  1. That house is gorgeously decorated, but it makes me cringe because all I see is the destruction my kids would cause!

    Ms. Toadmama, you know I name all of my birds. Even the ones who lose their heads.

    Tracey, do your roosters not fight? I have three again, and previously when I had more than one it ended in major disaster. I’m nervously waiting to see what happens next Spring when roosters get extra horny.

    1. Jess, she’s got Granny monsters to worry about. Oh, and Piper. She’s only about a year old. From a seated position, she leapt right over me AND the back of the sofa without touching either!

  2. Morning
    My Roos do tussle a bit. But Big Joe is the boss and everyone knows it. I have a male guniea too who used to be in charge of the chicken yard. But Big Joe demoted him.
    As for my house. Most things are high up enough out of reach. I have three granny’s. Two live in the downstairs of my home. And the third a two year old stays sunday nights till wed. He can be scarey at times..But I am all over
    Thanks for your sweet words about my home.
    I also let the dinners out. They free range now.I decided to spare them for now and let them grow. SO when you walk out the door at least 25 charge you. Its so funny. My friend Annie made up a song about it.

    Trace got runned over by her chickens,
    Walkin’ out her door on Christmas Eve.
    You can say there’s no such thing as Santa,
    But As fer me and the primies we believe.

    We sure had a good time.

    1. LOL, Shan! Granny Monsters = grandkids. Dad was perplexed by that one, too. But Tracey has called them that as long as I can remember. I think. Chicken saddles protect hens from getting rubbed raw by the overly amorous roosters. Guinea hen is a funky looking chicken. Anything else confusing for you? 🙂

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