Late Report on a Holiday Visit

This post is a tad late, but that’s okay. Right? Right.

It’s actually a very unique post. There are FOUR pictures of me in this one post.

Try not to get too excited.

Wondering how I managed that? There was someone else present with a camera for a change. None of these pictures even came out of my camera. How about that?

Me and Hubby

My parents, brother (Tom), sister-in-law (Sharen), nephew (Josh), son (Eric), and fiancee (Kelsey) came to Virginia for a visit the Friday after Christmas. Sharen is the one responsible for all of the pics (thanks, Sharen!).

Pop (aka the treat guy) Greets the Dogs

We all love having visitors. That includes the girls. Especially when those visitors come bearing treats as Pop always does.

During the Tour

That’s not an especially great shot, but it’s the only one where you can see Sharen, the guest photographer. Look at those facial expressions. Josh and Tom both have that “Oh, God, she’s taking pictures in the bathroom?” look. I recognize that because I get similar looks often. And me, I’m just tickled to see there are other people in the world who shoot pictures in seemingly weird places. (I was taking pictures in a women’s bathroom last night!)

Tom Greeting the Girls

The girls were loving all of the extra attention. Tom, Sharen, and Josh are cat people. At least they think they are cat people. Check this out…


I bet Josh, shown above hugging Meg, would love to have a dog.

Lap Time

And Meg sure seems to be enjoying Tom’s lap!

Kelsey and Mawsie

Meanwhile, Kelsey and Mawsie were having a good chuckle over something. I was in the kitchen preparing lunch, so have no idea.

More Lap Time

Hard to tell who is happier in that shot. Don’t you think Josh would love a dog? Until he had to scoop poop anyway.

Meg is our friendliest dog. She loves everyone.

Bashful Belle

Belle and K are both friendly, too, it just takes them a little while to warm up to folks.

Hubby Giving K an Ear Rub

Of course, they’re all quite lovey with me and Hubby all of the time. Unless they know it’s time for a bath!

Hubby's Workshop

Sharen even captured a sneak peek at Hubby’s workshop. He’s been chomping at the bit to get that set up so he could start making stuff again.

Dining Table

She got a picture of our new dining room table, too. Ignore the chairs. They are waiting for me to paint them. It’s funny that the table doesn’t look big in the picture, but it seats eight adults comfortably. With Josh there, we even managed to squeeze a ninth person in (there were more chairs in the room at the time).

All in all, it was a very nice visit.

Here’s one last shot of me…

Belle Doing a High Five for Treats

Can you believe it is almost the middle of January already?

6 Replies to “Late Report on a Holiday Visit”

  1. Thanks, ShyB. Jess, I may have mentioned Hubby’s hobby, which is woodworking, in passing, but didn’t spend much time on it because he hasn’t had a workshop for awhile. He dismantled it in our old house so he could finish the basement. Plus, with the WV place project ongoing for so long, his woodworking took a back burner for several years. He’s really quite talented. I’ll do a post on it soon.

  2. Hubby’s workshop looks great – professional even! I know now where to order my handmade furniture. 🙂 And great to see some pictures of you. You all look like you’re having a good time (and yes, that includes the dogs :-)) Can’t wait to see what pictures you took in the bathroom last night; you sure find inspiration in weird places….

  3. I’m sitting here trying to imagine how much it would cost to have handmade furniture shipped from the US to Belgium…Annelies, are you sure you have that kind of money?? 😀

  4. Thanks for publishing me Kathy. 🙂
    We had a great visit and can’t wait to come back so we can tour the town.

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