You Capture – “Colorful”

Another week has gone by and I didn’t get out on any good photo expeditions. Sigh…

The theme for this week’s You Capture is COLORFUL.

I could have just walked around my house and taken pictures of stuff. Like the big bag of plain, dark-chocolate M&Ms. Before I ate them. Or crayons. If I had some crayons.

But I didn’t. That would just be boring.

One day soon I’ll be able to share pics of my colorful new office. But that’s another blog post…

I did capture a couple of cool images worthy of sharing in this week’s challenge. Both actually feature store windows here in town. I added some texture to both images because I just felt like being different.

That first image captures a large painting in one of several of Warrenton’s cool art galleries. Some people may have tried to capture the shot without the reflections. But I like the reflections. I think they frame the image nicely. Especially the tree in the upper left-hand corner.

The love shot, which is certainly colorful, is from the window of the ceramics store.

Our love affair with this town continues…

To see what other folks captured this week, pop on over to Beth’s blog to peruse the work of the many good photographers who participated.

6 Replies to “You Capture – “Colorful””

  1. I love photography like this. Beautiful images in the ordinary of life, pulled from obscurity by someone with a great eye. I enjoy your photographs as much as anyone’s.

  2. Thank you for commenting on my Polish Pottery Photo over at “You Capture”.
    I love your photo’s taken through the windows. I too, love the effect of the tree branches relection in the first photo. It makes for a very interesting shot. I think I’ll try to shoot something like that in the future.
    You have a lovely blog, and your downtown area looks very charming.
    The Girasole Lady

  3. I like the reflection too, it leaves no question that you were shooting through a window, and gives more of story to the photo.

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