You Capture – “Morning”

This week’s them for You Capture is “morning.” I am determined to participate regularly this year. So even though these shots are less than stellar, I had to post something.

Why are they not so good? I am in Texas for work this week. I have my phone camera and my point and shoot. But I can’t get the images off of my point and shoot and into the computer, so I just had to rely on the phone shots. Two of the three were taken while driving.

Next week, I’ll do better. I promise.

Wet Morning
Morning Commute
Morning Commute Too

To see how other participants interpreted the morning theme, visit this week’s You Capture page.

7 Replies to “You Capture – “Morning””

  1. Shooting while driving is certainly creative, and maybe a bit dangerous. Good for you for participating though, you’ll be glad you did. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

  2. I love the first one, there’s something about road shots that I find so interesting! I’ve got to remember to take a shot like this one of these days.

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