Blending In


Wondering where I’ve been? Well, I’ll tell you…

I’ve been busy at my other blog, the one most of you would have no interest in whatsoever, keeping up with a post-a-picture-a-day-for-a-whole-month challenge.

It’s been fun. Even if I have neglected you guys.

Does that picture remind you of anything? A famous movie scene, perhaps?

You know, this one.

Can you believe February is almost over? Perhaps March will provide more material for me to post about here.


5 Replies to “Blending In”

  1. It was great! Went by way too fast, as usual, but we all had a good time. And we bought lots of stuff. Nothing super-exciting except a new dining room chandelier (YAY!), but that had to be ordered and will get shipped here.

  2. Ha! It’s rare a picture makes me laugh but this one — on your blog — has me howling. Thank you for that. I consider laughing to be exercise and you gave me my daily workout. 🙂

    When material presents itself, we blog about it. When it doesn’t, we shouldn’t try to force it. Blogging should be organic, IMHO.

  3. I’m glad you liked it! It’s always good to help folks exercise the ole laugh muscle. I really liked that shelf of frogs, but am glad I decided to interject a different frog into the crowd. I like the picture, too. 🙂

  4. Love the frogs (link to movie scene wouldn’t open, sadly…). Took a quick look at your other blog – can’t wait for you guys to come over!!! So here’s a tip: Scotland! Could get rainy though…. Whatever it turns out to be, you know we’ll meet you there. 🙂

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