Jack is Back

Jack Frost, that is.

Doesn’t this poor car just look cold?


We had a pretty heavy frost here yesterday. It was 26 degrees when I left the house to walk the dogs.

I’ve been slacking a bit lately in the two-walks-a-day department. I was determined to get out there with them this morning, but it was one of those days when I checked the work e-mail around 7:30 and barely stopped until my project went out the door at 6:00. I really intend to get back out there tomorrow.

Frosty Bridge

See the frost on the bridge? It was so thick, it actually crunched a bit when we walked across.

Let's Face It

Even in the cold, I enjoy getting out there and walking. Although everything is brown and dreary, there is still interesting stuff to see if you just take time to look.

Like that building. Don’t you think it looks like a face?

Frosty Grass

You can see how white the grass is in that shot.

The Greenway

And the sky was quite a nice shade of blue.

Intersecting Lines

By the time we got back to the bridge about half an hour later, the sun had melted most of the frost away. But look at all the interesting lines in that picture.

Hubby said they’re calling for some sort of snow event tomorrow. No significant accumulation, just enough to make the morning commute treacherous and long.

Lucky for me, I’ll probably be walking on the Greenway during rush hour. It may be cold, but it certainly won’t be congested.

2 Replies to “Jack is Back”

  1. I love the look of the frost when it covers the grass. Each little blade kind of sparkles when the sun starts coming up. It only last for a few moments that way so it seems like a treat to catch it.

    I love hearing that you see a face in the building 🙂 It does look a little too grumpy for its own good, though.

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