The Shot

I’m not a huge football fan, but I do enjoying watching games occasionally. If I have nothing better to do.

The Super Bowl would have been so much more exciting had the Ravens made it. But I watched anyway. I like to see the commercials, and I was hoping to see the Patriots lose. They got lucky beating the Ravens, so I didn’t want them to walk away with the title. It was a close game the whole way.

This morning, I just happened to see a link somewhere for SI’s “Best Shots of Super Bowl XLVI.” I like pictures, so I had to check it out. I literally laughed out loud when I saw this shot…

The expressions on the faces of both the ref and Tom Brady are absolutely priceless. (Click on the image and you’ll see a slightly larger version.)

Lots of cool commercials. Several stand out, but I think I liked the M&Ms the best. And the “Here We Go” rescue dog. The sling baby was cool. So was the “what happened to the cat” one. Oh, and the Chevy apocalypse.

I like the ones that make me laugh, can you tell?

As far as dramatic messages, the Clint Eastwood commercial gets my vote in that category.

What was your favorite commercial? How did your team fare?

3 Replies to “The Shot”

  1. Ugh. Well… being a cheesehead – my team didn’t fare too well either… Had a killer season and then knocked out (once again) by the Giants so I definitely didn’t want to see them with the title. 🙂 Actually I was hoping for a “nobody ever scores game” so it would end in a tie. haha.

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