Blue, Captured

The other day, as I was cooking dinner, I walked into the family room to say something to Hubby. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed some unusual light in the foyer.

When I turned to look more closely, this is what I saw.

Blue Shadow

The setting sun was coming in the front window just so. Lighting up that blue vase and casting a very cool (in my opinion) blue shadow on the wall.

I ended our conversation abruptly so I could go and grab the camera. That’s one of those things you probably will never see again unless you have a lot of time to sit and wait for it to happen. But what if it is cloudy? What if the Earth has rotated just far enough that the sun is at a slightly different angle?

It was a hard image to capture. I wanted to be able to see the flowers, but I also wanted to see the shadow. The image above used the flash.

The image below did not use a flash…

More-intense Blue Shadow

The flowers are a bit blurry in the second image. In low-light shots, even the slightest movement will cause blur. But I think it’s clear enough. You can certainly see the blue shadow better.

It may not be an image I would frame, but I think it is interesting enough to share with you guys.

So, what do you think? Really cool? Or just okay?


4 Replies to “Blue, Captured”

  1. Really cool, but I like the “with flash” shot better. I don’t think I ever knew or considered that there could be colored shadows – nice!

  2. An image with great potential. I like both of your shots. I would have focused solely on the shadow and kept the actual flowers and vase out of the frame, since the shadow is so extraordinary in itself.

  3. I wish I would have taken more time to play with it a bit. ShyB, a little less of the flowers might be good. I do love that blue shadow. Maybe I’ll just crop the shot to see.

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