What’s New?

Look at this picture to see if you can spot what’s different.

What's new?

I still haven’t painted my chairs.

The pie safe is still the same minty green.

The flowers haven’t changed since the last time I showed you a picture of the dining room.

It was another project of Hubby’s.

Maybe this shot will help.


The new thing makes me very happy. Did you spot it?

Also, I decided to crop one of yesterday’s shots a bit closer. Thanks, to a good friend’s advice. I do think I like this one better.

A Closer Look at "Blue, Captured"

I do think I like this one better.

I’m just glad I captured that blue shadow. I still think it’s pretty wild.

4 Replies to “What’s New?”

  1. Yep, the “Liberace” chandelier (as Carol dubbed it) is gone!

    That just did not “fit” this house at all. I just love my new one. 🙂

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