Bits and Pieces

I’m behind on blog posts again. Sigh.

I just haven’t had much inspiration lately. Hubby and I did get out for a motorcycle ride the other day. You’ll have to read about it here though because I don’t have the time or inclination to post the same exact thing on two different blogs.

Although I will share this one picture because it just makes me smile…


Speaking of pictures… here’re a few I captured around town within the past week or so.

Spring Continues


The Last of the Pink


Main Street Reflection

Today is actually cold and rainy. It’s the first rainy day we have had in a while. Hopefully the rain will stop before this weekend because Brianna is coming down for her girls’ weekend and I have something very cool planned.

Fern Emerging

I wish I had gotten a picture of this fern when it was just peeking out of the ground. It looked like something from another planet. It was truly bizarre.

Full of Blooms

This honeysuckle plant over our gate is LOADED with blooms. They don’t have even the slightest aroma, but they look pretty cool.

And here’s my favorite picture…

Mothers' Day is Coming, Don't Forget the Ants!

That cake, which is quite colorful and pretty, in my opinion, must be pretty sweet, eh?

I hope all is well in your world! Perhaps I’ll have some more-interesting material soon.

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  1. I do miss spring living out here in southern California. All that color and new life after a cold winter was always welcome. Of course, not having a cold winter is welcome, too, so I’m not really complaining. 🙂

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