For the Dog Lovers

Our dogs are pretty popular here in town. I can’t decide if it’s because they’re cute (well, they are), because they look so happy when we are out walking, or just because there are three of them, which is sort of rare.

I often get comments like “boy, you have your hands full!” And more than once I’ve been asked if I am a professional dog walker, if I work for animal control, why I have three dogs…

It’s funny.

Because I have been walking them for a while now, observing the different reactions from folks we encounter, I have learned to spot the people who just aren’t “dog people.” They’re the ones who don’t even glance at us or crack a smile.

They don’t know what they are missing.

Our dogs are a never-ending source of entertainment.

Sometimes, I think they do stuff just to make us laugh.



Other times, I think they are just being dogs.


I came across a cool dog-cartoon site as I was looking for some interesting clip art to add to this post.



Every time I thought to myself, “Okay, this is the last one I’ll share…” I saw another I just had to include.


The site, a blog, I think, is I think there’s more than just cartoons there. But I’ll have to check it out further some other time. Because I already wasted enough time scrolling through the cartoons.

What I really wanted to do was share some recent shots of our girls. Because I know at least one of my followers really looks forward to dog pictures.

Remember what I said about them being entertaining? Like kids, sometimes these dogs do the darnedest things.




Hubby was playing with Belle the other night. She plopped into her bed at one point and he put one of the other beds on top of her. She likes being in and under things, so she stayed like that for a while.


Hubby and Belle


After Hubby left, K and Belle were knocking the beds around (they are very light). One ended up, upside-down in the doorway of my office. I was on the phone, so I just left it that way. A little while later, I noticed the bed was occupied.


K on the Upside-Down Bed


Belle and K are really funny together. They love to wrestle and play. One of these days I’ll have to get a video of them playing in what seems to have become the wrastling room.

Oh, and I can’t forget to mention Meg. She doesn’t enjoy playing as much as the younguns, but she’s still funny.




That’s one of Meg’s favorite sleeping positions.

And that concludes my dog post for the day.


Are you a dog person? Not sure? Take a look at THIS CHECKLIST to find out.

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  1. I thought I was a dog person (and a cat person), but according to that list I’m definitely NOT one. Or maybe I’m just more selfish than I am a dog person haha (that would explain the lack of babies nicely, too!).

    Also, the five weeks of vacation comment? Clearly that list wasn’t written by an American!

  2. catching up on your posts and you made my day of course with the post on the girls! Looking forward to seeing all of you on the 5th!

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