It’s been quiet around here lately. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It just doesn’t give me much to blog about.

House at Corner of Main & South 6th Street in Warrenton

Eric and Kelsey were here for a visit this past weekend. It was nice spending time with them. But I didn’t lift the camera even once.

Sometimes I get in photographic slumps. Although I must admit it was nice just enjoying their company.

Eric and Kelsey (from November 2011)

That’s an old picture. Not old-old. It was taken four months ago. I figured I’d better post at least one pic of them in case you’ve forgotten what they look like.

It was fun watching Eric cook. And clean up after himself.

Even the baby of the family is growing up. He’s taking college courses in culinary science and loving it. He made dinner (a jalapeno cornbread casserole) for us on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday (French toast with strawberry sauce).

We don’t get to see them much, so I really enjoyed the visit. I just didn’t take any pictures to prove it.

Spring is Still Here

Maybe my next post will be a bit more inspired…

2 Replies to “Holding”

  1. I’ve been in the position you are in: spare time and nothing particular to do. What I find works is to create a project. As you conceive and implement it, enthusiasm grows and times gets filled. Then, you have a final product that’s fun to share with your friends.

    Right now, I’m in the opposite situation: swamped at work, crushed by pressure, and lacking any free time. I’m descending into sadness about not being able to make any outfit posts and the few non-outfit posts I’ve been able to throw up were last-minute slapdash efforts. I want to follow-up on your kind effort to expand the photo meme but have to rush back to work right now. Life is rarely what we want it to be.

  2. ShyB, I am busy enough, but no one likes to hear about how much I work. 🙁

    I’ve got quite a few projects waiting to be done, so I know exactly how you feel. There’s just never enough time in the day. No hurry on the photo meme thing, I don’t want to put even MORE pressure on you!

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