Around and About

I haven’t done a “look how cute our town is” post for a long time.

Honestly, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of shooting lately.

But the weather was so gorgeous today, I just HAD to get outside. So I went for a lunchtime ride.

That’s when I spotted these horses I thought y’all might like to see, too.

Horses in Pasture from Cannonball Gate Road


Yesterday, I had to walk to the post office, so I took my camera along.


Butterfly Weed

The Butterfly Weed is actually one of the plants I installed in our front yard. Isn’t it cool looking? I wish I’d bought more than one plant!


The Hydrangeas are beside the courthouse here in town.

Hubby and I actually saw some really unique-looking ones last night that I just remembered.

Perhaps I’ll go snag a shot of those tomorrow.

The Mural Building

That building is really called The Mural Building. It sits on a parking lot south of Main Street between Fourth and Fifth Streets.

Here are some other shots from different angles.

The Mural Building


The Mural Building


The Mural Building


The Mural Building

The sky was quite blue today since the humidity was pretty low. It was really a perfect late-Spring day.

With Summer just around the corner, I figured I’d better get out there and enjoy it while I had the chance.

Quaint Corner


Main Street Stroll




I hope you got outside today, too!

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  1. Very pretty area. I love all the flower pics, I’m a sucker for flowers.

    I know why they call it a mural building. I really like the part where the guy is looking out the window. A nice addition to the mural.

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