High Street Hydrangeas

In yesterday’s post, I showed you some pretty pastel Hydrangeas.

I like that picture. But, as pretty as those are, they are positively ugly compared to some others Hubby and I saw later that evening while walking the dogs.

Happy Flag Day

I promised to go back and try to get a shot of those for you, which I did. But I also captured this cool shot in town.

I love how small towns hang flags to celebrate holidays. It lends such a nostalgic ambiance of Americana.

I’ve been having a hard time keeping my days straight lately. As I was walking down Main Street, admiring all of the flags, I could not think of what occasion the flags were commemorating. The only holiday I could think of was Father’s Day. But that’s still days away.

I know there’s a special Father’s Day car show on Sunday, which Hubby has been looking forward to since practically the day we moved in, so I figured maybe they were making a weekend of it.

Then, when I got back to my office, I noticed the calendar said Flag Day.

Boy did I feel dumb. I was already feeling rather stupid at that point. Because I’d gone out with my camera specifically to take flower pictures. And I shot about 20 before I decided to pay attention to the flashing error message in my viewfinder.

The one that said “NO CF CARD.” Which meant my camera was operating without a memory.

So there was one wasted lunchtime stroll!


But I went back later, with the memory card inserted in the camera this time, to get some more shots for you.


Multi-colored Hydrangeas

Aren’t they gorgeous?

I have never seen one Hydrangea bush with such a wide variety of colors. And they were some of the richest colors I have ever seen.

Click on the picture and you’ll get a bigger image to view.

Multi-colored Hydrangeas
My Favorite Shot
The Richest Colors Ever

The house is on High Street at the corner of High and Liberty. This bush is actually on the side of the house on Liberty Street.

That is seriously the prettiest Hydrangea I think I have ever seen.

Here’s another interesting shot from another yard on High Street. This one features Purple Coneflowers.

Purple Coneflowers

At least I think they are Purple Coneflowers. Though I have never seen those in white, yellow, and orange.

Maybe there’s something weird about the soil?

I’ve always heard that you can change the color of your Hydrangeas from blue to pink or vice versa. But I’ve never heard of or seen bushes with white, pink, blue, and purple flowers.

Have you ever seen Hydrangeas like that?

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  1. Beautiful shots.

    I heard Flag day was coming up, but didn’t know when it was. Don’t feel bad.

    Those hydrangeas are gorgeous. Such vivid colors. And yes the others are Echinacea or Coneflowers. They originally were just available in pink, but have been hybridized and range anywhere from pale yellow do a deep orange and can even have double rows of petals. We have a few different colors in our yard but they aren’t blooming yet.

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