I Went to Philadelphia for Drugs

I cannot lie. My recent trip to Philadelphia was drug-motivated. That’s how it started anyway.

Drugs and friends. What a great combination.

Those of you who know me well are aware that I work for a clinical research organization (CRO). CROs provide services that help pharmaceutical companies conduct clinical drug and device trials.

When I learned that my Austin-based company would be having a booth at the Drug Information Association (DIA) trade show in Philadelphia, I decided to drive up on Tuesday to meet with some colleagues. There were several at the show who I’d never seen in person before.

Originally, I was going to just stay for the day. Then my employer decided to put me up in a hotel for the night. Which meant I’d come home on Wednesday.

Then I heard from my friend Annelies, who lives in Belgium, that she’d be in Philadelphia for a sales conference the weekend before DIA. Since I don’t get to see her often, I jumped at the chance to visit with her. We planned to meet in Philadelphia on Sunday afternoon, when her sales thing ended. The deal was sweetened by the knowledge that I’d also get to visit with some of the other folks I used to work with.

I was tickled to see and chat with Annmarie, my former boss, who reads this blog but rarely comments.

Yes, Annmarie, I had to throw that in there. 🙂

Later, Annelies and I spent a lovely, long afternoon catching up with Jessika.

Jessika and Annelies enjoying their chocolate martinis.

The three of us had a grand time hanging out together. It had been about two years since I’d last seen Jessika. I’m still kicking myself for not having someone take a picture of the three of us!

I didn’t take many people photos that day. But, since I arrived in the city earlier than anticipated, I did get to walk around exploring the city a bit.

Philadelphia's City Hall

That was actually the first time I’d been in Philadelphia. Which is crazy, especially when you consider that I grew up about 90 miles away in Baltimore. And I was in the area several times in previous years while working for a company based outside of Philly in King of Prussia.

I am definitely more of a country person, but visiting cities every once in a while is fun. There’s certainly lots to look at. And Philadelphia is actually quite cool.

Best Chinese Food to Take Out

I enjoy the vast array of sights. Like the “best Chinese food” sign. Does that mean not as good when eating in?

I managed to capture quite a few interesting images. Which, of course, I just had to share here…


Crocheted or Knitted Phone Booth (?) Cover











That’s it for the city pics. But I do have one more image to share with you.

When Annelies, Jessika, and I walked into the King of Prussia Mall, this store window caught my eye immediately. How could it not? Of course, I didn’t see the sale” signs. Just the “BIG” and “ASS” signs.

So I asked Annelies to go pose for me. Not because she has a big ass or anything. Actually, she has a skinny ass. I just thought the signs were funny.

She agreed.

Then she immediately asked, “Why do I listen to you?”

Unique Photo Op Captured!

Because it’s fun. It makes us laugh. And it makes memories.

I wish we didn’t all live so far apart. But sharing Sunday with the two of them was lots of fun.

Now, wait until you see what Annelies and I did on Monday…

11 Replies to “I Went to Philadelphia for Drugs”

  1. Ooooh fun times. I am glad you got to catch up with your friends/co workers. It is nice that you had sunshine for your city wandering too.

    I am currently in Tillamook commenting from my iPad while hiding in a hotel room waiting for the rain to top. Hubby is teaching today. I can’t complain, at least I am dry. I don’t think he is.

  2. Great photos. The first time you’ve been to Philly? Really? Like most cities, it presents a lot of opportunities for photographers. I did a post of pics (e.g., City Hall) last year.

    I enjoy your wit. It’s as entertaining as your big ass. 🙂

  3. Gorgeous photos! I love how you caught the reflection of the clouds on those towers, gorgeous! I KNEW you would post that big ass photo! Honestly, why do I let you talk me into these things? 🙂 It was so lovely catching up with you (and Jess, of course!). I cannot believe none of us thought to get that wonderful waiter 🙂 to take our picture. I guess that’s a good enough excuse for the three of us to get back together soon!!

  4. Brandy, the sun was nice, but it was a little hot. Not as hot as it’s been over the last few days, but hot enough. I could do with a cool, rainy day or two.

  5. ShyB, if you remember, that time we met in New York was my first trip to NYC. Cities just aren’t high on my list of must-see places. I’m glad you are enjoying the pics. And my big ass…

  6. Annelies, you said you liked the big ass shot. So I figured I should share it. Now, if you REALLY had a big ass, I wouldn’t have posted it. That would just be rude. And, yes, hurry back for some more photo ops!

  7. I know, I gave my permission… Yves said it would have been better if I had been pointing at my ass. A good thing I can always count on him for moral support…. 🙂

  8. Thanks for the shout out Kathy! See I do read your blog 🙂 Great seeing you even if it was brief.

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