Um, What?

Hubby and I went for a ride on Saturday. On the bikes. It was a perfect day.

Rather than head for the mountains, which we usually do, Hubby plotted a clockwise loop through the countryside.

We’re still learning the area. But the longer we are here, the more we are enjoying it.

Here’s the oddest sight from the ride…

Striped Horse?

A zebra! How weird is that?

View from Skyline Drive

We are really enjoying living so close to the mountains. Living in the mountains might be better, but we’re enjoying small-town life so much, it’s hard to say.

Hubby resumed work on the closet project on Sunday, so I buzzed over to Skyline Drive to see if there were any blooming Mountain Laurel left.

There weren’t.


Maybe next year.

On another note… the replacement computer arrived yesterday. Yippee! Now we just have to get it set up to work properly with our network, install all of the software, and I’ll be good to go. Fingers crossed this old workhorse holds out until then.


2 Replies to “Um, What?”

  1. Were you riding in Africa?! How cool to see unexpected sights.

    I was once riding on Long Island and, as I quickly passed by an open field, swore I saw an elephant. In New York! I had to double back and, when I did, I realized I saw a 15-foot *sculpture* of an elephant.

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