Philadelphia Revisited

So, a few day ago, I told you about my drug-motivated trip to Philly. Which was extended so I could visit, however briefly, with Annelies. And I left you wondering how we spent our day on Monday.

She had to be at the airport at about 3:30, so our time was limited. We just wanted to do something simple that would allow us time to really visit, i.e., chat and catch up. That was actually the first opportunity she and I had spent any length of time together without the guys. Not that we don’t like spending time with them, too, but girl time is different.

On our way back to the hotel from King of Prussia, where we visited with Jessika, we passed a sign for the Philadelphia Zoo. After a bit of discussion, we decided that would be a great place to go. Neither of us had been to a zoo in years. And we could just roam around at our leisure looking at critters and chatting. So that’s what we did.

Annelies and Me at America's First Zoo

Our first challenge was finding our way back there. We used the GPS feature on my phone, since we didn’t have a map. Which sent us on yet another driving adventure. The thing about a GPS is, it tends to take you places via the shortest route. And that’s not always the best route. Especially when you’re in a city like Philadelphia, which is a lot like Baltimore in that the city center is surrounded by some pretty rough areas.

Twice on the previous day, I’d ended up driving through the hood. Once before I met up with Annelies, and once when she and I were on our way to meet up with Jessika. Annelies had never seen a real-life American “hood”, which is really just a poverty stricken area of a city where crime rates are much higher than in other areas. So when I told her we were in the hood, she said, “How do you know this is the hood?”

“I grew up in Baltimore,” I told her. “I know a hood when I see one.”

Maybe it wasn’t the worst part of Philadelphia? Who knows. Maybe you can tell me. Here’s where we were. (I never did show Jessika a map of where we’d ended up.)

I asked Annelies if they had the TV show The Fresh Prince in Belgium. Will Smith’s character was from Philly. I think it was South Philly though, which I had accidentally explored the previous day. When she said yes, I told her that could be where The Fresh Prince (meaning the show) was shot (as in filmed).

“He was shot?” she asked, very seriously. “I don’t remember him being shot.”

That cracked me up, of course. We had quite a few conversations like that.

Anyway… here are the pictures I captured at the zoo.

Train Bridge Outside of Zoo Entrance


The Only Elephants We Saw


Free-ranging Peacock


Colorful Monkeys


More Monkeys


Pink, Pink, You Stink


I Love Bear Statues


"What's up, Dawg?"


Popcorn is Healthy? (Annelies spotted that one.)


Bad-ass Mountain Lion


Cute, Sleepy Mountain Lion


Silly Girls


Beautiful Wildcat


Annelies Loves Penguins


And You Know How I Feel About Frogs


Funny Giraffe

That was our zoo experience.

Check out Annelies’ suitcase.

Too Many Souvenirs

At this moment, Annelies is moaning, saying to herself, “I knew I shouldn’t have let her take that picture.”

Not the suitcase picture (above), the shot I captured of her laying on top of that over-stuffed suitcase trying to make it close.

But I decided to spare her dignity for a change and not post that shot.

Not long after we got back to the hotel, it was time for her to leave.

I hate goodbyes.

But at least I know I’ll see her again in Italy. Yves, too. We are so looking forward to that trip.

So, what’s your favorite zoo shot?

9 Replies to “Philadelphia Revisited”

  1. Nice animal shots! I haven’t been to a zoo in years either, sounds like a great idea!

  2. Great post. I love those candid take all kind of pictures kind of days.

    And I agree with Sjybiker, you look pretty cute in those pics. I like the one of you with the bear statues.

    The animal pics are wonderful. Love the colors in the first monkey shot.

  3. Of course popcorn is a healthy option…just as long as you don’t load it up with butter and salt and chemicals. 😉

    I laughed at your answer to Annelies’s question about how you knew it was the hood. I probably would’ve answered in the same way.

    My fav zoo pic is the giraffe, but you got a lot of good ones that day!

  4. KSpice, it WAS fun. But sad at the same time. Philly’s zoo isn’t the best, but we had fun. I have got to get to the DC zoo soon.

    ShyB, so as long as I don’t look miserable like I do in all my other pics I’m okay? 🙂 I know what you mean, I just couldn’t resist. How many times have you heard me say I look like a huge dork in pictures?

    Thanks, Brandy. I have a thing for bear statues. And I really liked those colorful monkeys, too.

    Shan, how many Americans, besides you, don’t load up their popcorn with butter, salt, and chemicals. The giraffe shot is my fave, too. Though the More Monkeys shot is intriguing. Notice anything weird about that one?

  5. Um…it looks like the monkey on the right is…how to put this delicately? Auto-fellating himself?

  6. “Auto-fellating”!?! LMAO!

    No, that wasn’t it. What I was wondering if anyone would notice is the blurry bit just left of center. The monkey in the center is watching another monkey jump up onto a branch. I shot the pic with no flash, so even the slightest movement would have shown up blurry. I was quite intrigued to have captured the watcher’s expression so clearly while at the same time capturing the jump. Unintentional, I assure you.

  7. Another “pointing” picture of us – I love it! I should have asked someone to take a picture of you positioning the camera for that one. 🙂 I absolutely adore that giraffe shot, but the colorful monkeys are a close favorite. And aren’t we cool with our 3D goggles on??? Yves laughed out loud when he read the part about landing in the hood where the Fresh Prince was shot. 😉 Thanks for sparing my dignity, by the way. Wouldn’t want people reading this blog thinking I’m not dignified… Mike, your hug was great by the way!!

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