Unwelcome Distraction

I actually took this series of shots a while ago and then forgot about them.

When I stumbled across them the other day, they made me chuckle. I thought y’all might get a kick out of them, too.

We were just watching TV. But when I looked over at Hubby in his chair. I just HAD to grab the camera, which, luckily, was close by.

It really is three separate pictures. The second one is the look I got after the flash popped up and fired.


Enough said.

7 Replies to “Unwelcome Distraction”

  1. Awesome. So cute the way they both looked over then looked right back.

    I get that same look when taking unexpected pictures of hubby and the cat. Glad I’m not the only one getting ‘the look’.

  2. “The look” is a good way to describe it! What kills me about the shots is that Meg appears to be watching TV, too. Chances are good it was some Food Network show, so that isn’t surprising.

  3. Meg doesn’t even realize how good she’s got it, does she? 🙂 When your “normal” doesn’t even seem wacky anymore, that’s when you know you’ve arrived.

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