San Diego Part 2: Life’s a Beach

Picking up where I left off in my last post…

After we dropped Shannon’s clothes at the house, we went to the beach. There are several beaches by the way. The first one she elected to show us was La Jolla Cove. That’s pronounced like “la HOY uh” and NOT “la holla.”

La Jolla

La Jolla, which happens to be the furthest beach, is only 15 miles from Shannon’s house.

Her favorite beach, which is Pacific Beach, is only about 12 miles away. Mission Beach is 10.5 miles. Ocean Beach, her least favorite, is only 10 miles away. The beach on Coronado Island is just eight miles away.

Sick, right?

Mike at La Jolla

There’s the Hubby. Wondering what he’s looking at? Well, I’ll tell you. I thought it was a tide pool. But he said it was just seaweed and stuff.

We LOVE tide pools.

I could try and explain a tide pool, but I don’t feel like getting all scientific. So I’ll just provide this link and then tell you that they are essentially pools of water visible at low tide that are filled with critters.

Sea Anemones, Crabs, and Snails in Tide Pool
Shannon and Hubby Looking at Tide Pool

It’s fun looking at the various critters. We could have stayed for hours, but we were parked in a two-hour spot and still had lots to see.

There’s not much of a beach, relative to East Coast beaches anyway. But what is there is awesome. The town of La Jolla (link leads to someone else’s photo) is perched atop a rocky cove that has tide pools AND seals, sea lions, pelicans, cormorants, a wide variety of seagulls, and people.

La Jolla is a beach town, but it’s an upscale beach town.

La Jolla Brain Cloud


Hubby and Shannon


Clean (and cold!) Water

Most folks don’t swim without wetsuits. Not for long periods (more than a few minutes). Water temperatures range between 66 and 72°F at peak, which is around the first week of September.

Shannon has never been in the water past her ankles since moving to San Diego.



Sea Lion (you can tell because it has visible ear flaps)


Cool Rocks




Pelicans (a couple) and Cormorants


Another Seagull


Following are my favorite shots from La Jolla…

Man's Best Friends



Bathing Beauty (she looked up at just the right second!)


Half-full Wine Glass



Shannon took that last picture. Hubby said to her, “I’m so glad you’re here.” That’s because he’s usually the one taking pictures of me, often standing beside odd stuff.

There are more pics. But rather than post them all here, I uploaded them to Flickr. If you’d like to see them, you’ll have to visit my Flickr site.

Is one of my favorites your favorite, too? Or would you choose one of the others? The weather was great for picture taking!


8 Replies to “San Diego Part 2: Life’s a Beach”

  1. Great pics. I think your favs are my favs but I also like the zebra one and the one of you with the frog statue and the pic of the family together. Oh yeah and the seagull in the Paptai Inn fountain. Oh, let’s just say I like them all.

  2. You missed the most common mispronunciation of La Jolla – the one where the ‘j’ is pronounced like in the word jolly. Sometimes I say it that way just to be silly lol.

  3. Sounds like you guys had fun! My personal favorite is the picture with the one pelican, just because he’s in a weird pose. And the wine glass. The statue with you next to it is too normal. 🙂 But it is a beautiful picture of you! By the way, when we were at the west coast we pronounced La Jolla in the silly way Shannon does – but we had no idea that was silly until someone corrected us… 🙂

  4. Brandy, I keep saying we are like-minded chicks. I like the seagull in the fountain, too. All I could think was that’s one expensive and very large birdbath. Glad you are enjoying the pics.

  5. Shan, I didn’t even think about La Jolly. Funny.

    Annelies, the birds were cool. I liked the pelican poses, too. The wine glass pic is sort of funny. We were in a little cafe and I just happened to notice the view. And then the wine glass. Shannon came along and said, “Did you get the glass?” I showed her the shot. When I looked at it my first thought was the glass should have been centered better between the two trees. Seconds later when I went for the re-take, the glass was gone. Some dumb waitress had come along cleaning up. I said, “Hey, you took my glass.” But she ignored me. Bitch. LOL.

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