A Froggy Fall

I decided to take a break from vacation posts today and share a few pictures.

When I saw Reflectofrog holding this leaf yesterday, I couldn’t resist capturing a shot.

Happy Fall

And then I noticed my Dahlia still had a lingering bloom or two. Upon closer examination, I saw this one.


I think that flower looks like a butterfly. What do you think?

Oh, and I couldn’t go outside without my girls. K and Belle decided to sit in the warm sun while they waited. Meg was right at my feet. I captured this cute shot of the younguns.

Belle (front) and K (rear)

I hope you have a fabulous Thursday!

3 Replies to “A Froggy Fall”

  1. Such cool pictures. That froggy has stopped to smell the leaves and I think I agree, the petals on the flower look like butterfly wings.

    Your poochies look so happy to be in eh sunshine too. A good day.

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