Deviant Art

The diversity of stuff I stumble upon when doing Web searches never ceases to amaze me.

The other day, I did a Google Images search for “Dolomites.” Below is one of the images that popped up.


Pretty, right?

Turns out it was done by a “deviant artist from the Ukraine.” His name is Vitalik. And he’s got some other way cool stuff posted. You can see his online collection, or just enjoy the few I have embedded here.

I had to share more of this guy’s work. Just in case you looked at that first image and though, “Eh, it’s just a landscape.”

I particularly liked the next one.

Ho F'ing Ho

Some of his work, like the landscape, is more traditional. Other pieces are far more imaginary.


Just one more.

Just Buggin'

That’s it. I just found the digital paintings so interesting that I had to share. What do you think?

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