Snowy Day After Christmas

We got some snow on Christmas Eve, which was nice. I LOVE snow, so that really lifted my spirits.

And then today, we got more snow. Woo hoo!

I just HAD to take a walk. Really.

Wanna see what I saw?

Read on to join me on my morning walk through Old Town Warrenton…

Can you see me now?


"No, Mama. Don't leave us!"


Our House


It was just enough snow to make things look pretty.


68 Mane (hair salon)


It was cold.



The Courthouse


Amy's at Rhodes (gift shop)


My favorite bakery.


My favorite quilt shop.


Another angle on the cutest little quilt shop ever.


Mural Building


Old Mill House


Who said Pansies aren't tough?


Can you see me NOW?


Piccadilly Ltd. (gift shop)


Warrenton Post Office




Main Street Sidewalk


That just looks cold, right?


Main Street


My favorite furniture shop.


The Empty Nest


The Virginia Gold Cup Association


Cool red doors.


I hope you enjoyed the stroll. Now, it is raining, miserable, and raw.

Like Hubby just said to me… it would be a great day for soup!

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  1. Loved the Santa biker. I know it spread joy to all who saw it. Hope you had a nice Christmas. We did. Love Aunt Peg

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