Triple Dog Dare Day

On several occasions recently, I have seen stories on the ‘net about random acts of kindness. Folks paying grocery bills for strangers. Paying off a holiday layaway. Buying a homeless guy lunch. The list goes on.

There was an interesting article on NPR about how teaching kids how to perform random acts of kindness can make them better people. The article said, “Similar experiments in adults have shown that being actively kind increases happiness, and happier people then become more likely to help others.”

I thought it might be fun to go out and DO something. And I posted this on Facebook daring my friends to do the same. Or at least spread the word to get others to act.

IMPORTANT Triple Dog Dare… I’m going to help some anonymous person tomorrow (which is now today). I dare you to do the same. Not sure what yet. Pay for someone’s gas? But someone lunch? Slip someone $20? Not sure what or who or even where. But I keep reading about anonymous people swooping in and doing something nice for random folks. If you think it’s a cool idea and accept this triple dog dare, share this and then let us know what you did. Big or small, the value doesn’t matter. You could even offer a service if you prefer. I just dare you to do something nice. It’ll feel good, I promise. This sad world could use more good deeds. Don’t forget to like and share to spread the word!

It doesn’t have to cost you a cent, either. And it could be a small act. Little things add up!

Don’t know what to do? Here are some links that may help.

You can actually start right now by sharing a link to this post with everyone you know.

Feel free to comment about your act, no matter how small. Or be kind anonymously. The important thing here is for you to DO SOMETHING NICE TODAY! Even a small act like guiding folks to this post could have a bigger impact than you could ever imagine.

6 Replies to “Triple Dog Dare Day”

  1. Well, we can’t resist faces like that can we?

    I have actually been thinking a lot about this lately. Been talking to hubby about just doing something like paying for someone’s coffee in line or something unexpected to bring a little cheer to someone’s day.

    I do agree, the world needs a lot more random acts of kindness.

  2. Brandy, I am still working on my plan. I think it will be cooler to do something that doesn’t cost me anything. Just because it’s a little tougher. I’ll report back later. Let me know if you think of something good.

  3. Kathy:

    I am more prone to do something when I am downtown and notice all the street people. I try not to “give money” as it could go for drugs, but instead I buy them a McDonald’s hamburger or something like that. The last time this person also asked if they could have a hot drink.

    I was also in a supermarket and this elderly lady (older than me, if you can believe it), was short a couple of dollars, so naturally I paid the difference.

    Sometimes acts of kindness are NOT APPRECIATED. At our old home, new neighbours were moving in. They were having a problem moving their large chesterfield (Sofa), through their front door. I suggested taking out the window and got out my screwdrivers. After it was all done and put back I suggested that they buy a tool set. The owner said, “Why, when I can borrow yours”.

    Another time a neighbour down the street was stuck in the lane after a heavy snowfall. I didn’t know them but I went over to “push” their Volvo out. Even after that they never, ever even acknowledged that they knew me.

    I think being in the City has more challenges and people are not as friendly as where you live in a smaller town.

    I also get tired of letting cars in front of me in traffic for they never even wave thank you, it’s like they feel so privileged. You let them in once, and then they go into the right lane and try to pass all the cars in front of you, but then they have to cut back into my lane again. I mean how many times do you keep letting them cut in. After the first time I try my best to block them . . .

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    1. Bob,

      I know what you mean about all of what you said! And that not waving “thank you” makes me crazy!!!

      Nice of you to pay that lady’s difference. That is something I have never done.

      Have a happy new year!


  4. I find it difficult to plan acts of kindness, I much prefer to let the opportunity present itself. I also think it’s important to practice throughout the year as it almost feels expected during the holiday season. Not that we shouldn’t during the holidays.
    We buy flowers for the baristas at our coffee shop every few months to let them know they’re appreciated. I pay it forward donating my retired motorcycle gear to new riders and I like to help friends and strangers out when I can. I’ve learned to be much more patient with traffic, I agree with Bob, a wave is a nice gesture so I make sure I offer one when due.
    Great blog post, I hope it goes viral or is at the very least, contagious.

    1. I didn’t really plan too hard, just thought of what I could do and then did it. Really it was in response to all the similar stories of good deeds I’d been seeing. One can never get enough good news, right? Or nice surprises? It didn’t catch on too wildly. Actually only pone or two folks I know of did anything different. Of course, a lot of the folks I know are genuinely nice people and do nice stuff a lot. So I can’t really complain.

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