Look Out, World…

I just realized there’s an app for my phone that will let me do blog posts. No idea what it’ll look like — this is a test — but I have a feeling y’all may hear lots more from me.


You’ll get to see more pics, too. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing.

If this post looks bizarre, blame the app.

4 Replies to “Look Out, World…”

  1. I was wondering if anyone would notice the beer goggles! They’re a Christmas gift from my crazy Belgian friends. They came with a book full of beer games and beer facts, too. Plus all sorts of other fun stuff.

  2. Actually, Brandy, the world looked a bit yellow. LOL. The funniest thin was the label warning me not to wear them while driving. Really? A bad idea? Hmmm.

    Sounds like there may be a story forthcoming from the boys?

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