My Bright Idea

I’ve been extremely busy this week. It’s my own fault, too.  Me and my wonderful ideas…

But, wait. I’m getting ahead of myself.

I know I told y’all this was going to be my creative year, right? I want to do more furniture painting. As a hobby, of course. Trouble is, it can be sort of expensive. I mean, not only do you have to buy paint, you have to acquires the pieces to paint, too.

Earlier this month when I picked up something I’d purchased at the New Year’s Eve auction, Kathy Shumate, owner of Shumate’s Auction House, told me she was going to be having a tag sale. Think indoor yard sale with a twist. Items are definitely priced to sell (cheap), but it’s not all just someone’s leftover junk. It’s stuff that actually has value.

Anyway, after I thought about it, I realized I had things I’d like to sell. I just didn’t have enough things to really make it worthwhile. So when I went to the auction last Sunday, I started buying up stuff that was selling really cheaply. I figured it would add to my inventory for the tag sale.

Well, I bought too much.

So not only did I have masses of stuff to go through, I also had painting to get done, too.

Did I mention that the tag sale starts tomorrow? And that by “last Sunday” I mean four days ago?

The good news is, I painted some really cool pieces. The bad news is, I had to burn the midnight oil all week to get it done.

Here’s two “before” pics for you.

80s Reproduction Vintage AM/FM Radio
80s Reproduction Vintage AM/FM Radio

This next pic actually shows a “before” chair and one chair during the painting process.

Chair on left is painted, but not waxed. Chair is right is what I started with.
Chair on left is painted, but not waxed. Chair on the right is what I started with.

I was excited to be painting. Yes, I am in the proces of painting my own dining room chairs, but I had to set those aside to get ready for the tag sale.

I am most pleased with the way the radio turned out. I decided to have a little fun with it.

My "Chicks Dig Music" Radio
My “Chicks Dig Music” Radio

I painted an old church I had here at the house, too. Again, I added my own unique touch. The rooster is a Graphics Fairy image!

My "Bern, Baby, Bern" Church
My “Bern, Baby, Bern” Church

The unique part was adding bits of photos I took in Bern, Switzerland a few years back. My favorite being one of the famous ogre statue.

Bern's Famous Ogre Statue
Bern’s Famous Ogre Statue

The ogre is hiding on the back of the church, eating his children.

I couldn’t help myself.

Hubby thinks it’s dumb.

Here’s a shot of the finished chairs.


Anyway… I spent all day at the auction house today pricing all of my stuff and getting my booth set up.

I am exhausted. But it looks cute. It’s like I got to be an antique dealer for the day.

Some pics of my booth are below.

My Booth
My Booth
My Booth
My Booth


My Booth
My Booth


My Booth
My Booth


The first load of stuff this morning.
The first load of stuff this morning.


My Booth
My Booth


I just love that radio!
I just love that radio!

Funny how I had a rooster to sit on the radio.

This next shot is one of Kathy Shumate’s dog.

Ruby Shumate
Ruby Shumate

I took a bunch of pics before I left. After being up until almost 2:00 AM two nights in a row AND being on my feet all day, I really am bushed. So I took the easy way out and loaded all of the images onto Flickr. Here’s a link to all the other pictures I took earlier this evening.

You get a free preview of the goodies up for grabs. If you’re lucky, you live close enough to snag some of the very cool stuff folks like me are offering up for sale.



Shumate’s Auction House



If you like to paint, there’s a whole lot of great pieces just waiting for you.

Fingers crossed a lot of my stuff sells. I have no idea what I’ll do with it all otherwise…

Now, I am off to bed!




10 Replies to “My Bright Idea”

  1. Kelly, those buckets belonged to my Aunt Pearl. She used the round one to make her chow chow every year. Not that you care, I just think its a fun fact to share. That’s a lot pf chow chow!

  2. Trace, all those years of shopping paid off. I hope I don’t get stuck with too much of that stuff!

  3. Amy, that’s a shame. Actually, I can’t go back til Sunday. The suspense is going to do me in. Maybe I need o e of those big ass beers your Hubby was kind enough to deliver a while back.

  4. Everyone is correct! Your page is great! I’m sorry you were not pleased with your sales, even though you did sell alot of items. I don’t know if you figured the cost of the items you did bring vs the cost of all you bought….That sweet church almost found a home in Spotsylvania, I surprised the man passed it for a $5 difference in price. First time out is a learning experience for everyone. Your set up was beautiful and very inviting! Hope you consider it next month….

    1. Thanks, Kathy! I know I sold a lot. I was just disappointed the church, radio, and chairs didn’t get scooped up! I am in the process of analyzing the overall costs. I think my expectations were just a bit unrealistic. 🙂

      I did enjoy it, just am not sure if I can do it regularly. Now if I didn’t have to work full time, too, maybe!

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