No Agenda

Sometimes it’s good to have days without any real agenda. Like today.

Peaceful snowman captured yesterday at The Empty Nest.

Earlier in the week, I was thinking about going into DC today for the motorcycle show. I need a new helmet. But that would have eaten up a big chunk of time. And since I also needed to put away all of the Christmas decorations, I elected to stay home and do that instead.

Fun, right?

I’m glad it’s done. I have lots of projects around here that I really want to dive into. But I had to get the decorations stowed first.

It was actually a pretty day here. So after a couple of hours of looking at three bored dogs, I took a break and we walked during the daylight hours for a change.

K and Belle
K and Belle waiting for me to emerge from the basement.

That shot of the young’uns was captured with my phone, sans flash, which is why it’s so dark and grainy. I got this shot of Meg on Saturday while I was preparing to leave for my painting class.


The shot of Meg was captured with my DSLR camera. I can’t remember if I used the flash or the light was just right.

The cell phone actually takes pretty decent shots. Like this one I captured of the courthouse here in Old Town Warrenton during our walk today.

Fauquier County Courthouse
Fauquier County Courthouse

It was a nice walk. Once we got home, I resumed undecorating the house. I actually finished, too.

After that it was football (Ravens vs. Colts) and more football (Redskins vs. Seahawks).

It would have been nice to squeeze a ride in today. But I just didn’t feel like it.

I was too busy enjoying my day with no agenda.

Now, I think I’ll get back to it.

4 Replies to “No Agenda”

  1. The (traveling) motorcycle show will be in NYC two weeks from now. I always go.

    I think it was wise for you to consolidate your two blogs. Blogging is such hard work; running two is virtually impossible. Good luck with the transition.

  2. The show would have been interesting. Had it been on a different weekend, I would have gone. But all that Christmas stuff, as much as I liked it, needed to get gone! 🙂

  3. Yay Ravens! I was cheering for the seahawks too, so yay for them also (a much smaller yay, though ! Lol).

    1. The game was a happy/sad affair. I can’t believe Ray is retiring. Glad they won of course. I was hoping the Redskins would win, too. Since we live in Redskins country now and all.

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