Reflecting on the Past Week

I’ve been neglecting you all again. I know it. And I am sorry. Sort of. The truth is, nothing has really moved me to write. And I’ve been busy.

First, I had to get ready for the Tag Sale.

Tag Sale #2
Tag Sale #2

I’m happy to say, I sold both big, galvanized tubs, the chamber pot, the lard cans, and the enamelware, among other things. Those were all big items that really put a crimp in my space here.

Oh, and Aunt Bertha was here.

Aunt Bertha and Me
Aunt Bertha and Me

She stopped on her way home from the Carolinas and ended up staying for several days. It was a lovely visit. She’s always fun to have around.

There were some miscellaneous strolls around town, as usual.

Spring is in the Air

That bear is a fixture at Amy’s at Rhodes, a gift shop on Main Street.

Meg Supervises My Painting
Meg Supervises My Painting

I’ve been painting, too. The girls like to hang out with me when I am in the basement. Only Meg is in the picture, but the others are nearby.

The color in that picture, captured with my phone, is a bit wonky. The bench is not nearly as purple as it looks. I am about halfway done now. A picture of the completed project will eventually be shared here.

As an aside, like my new workbench? That’s one of the treasures I acquired at auction during my crazy inventory binge. It cost me a whopping five bucks.

ToadMama Reflection
ToadMama Reflection

So that’s what I have been up to. Of course, there’s also work, which keeps me busy during the day. And some other miscellaneous stuff.

There’s not a ton of excitement on the horizon over the next few days. But I’ll try to be back sooner.

Can you believe February is half over!?!

6 Replies to “Reflecting on the Past Week”

  1. Nearly all of the blogs I follow have been silent for the past week. Perhaps it’s the season. Nobody seems to have anything to talk about. Spring is around the corner and they may perk us up. Cute bear!

  2. Don’t worry, not much going on around here too besides work, work work.

    I haven’t been taking many pictures either since my camera ended up in Troubadour’s non-waterproof motorcycle jacket pocket on Saturday. Ummm yeah, I’ll be camera shopping now. The electronics are fried I’m afraid.

    At least you’ve been doing crafty projects, that is something.

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