The BC Adventurer

Hubby and I have been very busy lately. With work, various events, personal to-dos, etc., I am woefully behind on blogging. Reading other peoples’ blogs has fallen by the wayside, too. I’m not ignoring y’all. Really.

I’ll get caught up eventually. Maybe. For now, here’s something I just had to share.

This past Wednesday, May 15, I was headed to Sibby’s during my lunch hour to take some food pics for their web page. As I walked down Main Street, I noticed a Suzuki adventure-type bike (motorcycle) loaded down with gear. Odd to see at that time of day during the week for sure. I couldn’t help but wonder if it was a local guy embarking on a journey or someone just passing through.

That’s no fancy-schmancy touring motorcycle. That’s an adventure bike!

My curiosity (nosiness?) got the best of me so I crossed the street to look at the tag. I was very surprised to see a British Columbia plate. Based on where it was parked, I figured the rider was inside my favorite bakery — Great Harvest Bread Company — and I just had to go say “hey.” I was right. The guy was seated at a corner table finishing up a drink.

I didn’t think twice before pushing past the potato chip man (he was stocking the shelves) to say hello. It’s not often we get people passing through town, and adventure rider at that, from a place like British Columbia.

His name is Matthew Myers. As he described in an e-mail…

I’m on a trip from Vancouver, BC to Prince Edward Island, Canada, where I grew up. It’s a one way trip for now.

Vancouver and Prince Edwards Island are on opposite coasts and he took a VERY scenic route. He sent me a link to his Spot Adventure site, which shows a map of where he’s been. Have a peek, it’s incredible to see the miles and places he has covered.

Matt said he’s had trouble loading pics on the Spot page, so he also has a Picasa picture site full of photo albums from the ride.

I could’ve sat and talked with Matt for hours. But since I had an agenda, I just recommended a local detour for him and then went on my way. I sent him West a little ways out of town and up Leeds Manor Road to Hume Road, my two favorite Fauquier County roads. We’d just ridden through there on Sunday and I told him about all the Texas Longhorns we’d seen, the Marriott Ranch, etc. As it turns out, despite having ridden the entire way across Texas, he hadn’t seen a single Longhorns Steer.

I think the prospect of seeing Longhorns is what convinced him to take that detour. In fact, I’m pretty sure of it based on an e-mail he sent me that evening, which said, ”
That was an awesome ride through the country. Thank you sooo much for the tip. Got to see the longhorns up close too!!”

One of these days I’ll get to peruse through all of his albums. He may still be around DC and is heading north through MD and PA. He’s traveling on the cheap and seeking yards with space for his tent. If you’d like to offer up a spot for him to stay, send Matt an e-mail. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to hear from you. Don’t forget to tell him ToadMama sent you.

Enjoy your Friday! I’ll be having a very busy weekend, but GOOD busy. 🙂

7 Replies to “The BC Adventurer”

  1. His Spot apparently works better than mine ever did, although that could be because he’s in the US. 😉

    Did you tell him about couchsurfing, by any chance? There are often people who ask for yard space (for tents) or parking spaces (for RVs), so it’s not just for people who want to surf couches. He’s so far along on his trip now, though, that maybe it wouldn’t be worth it…but maybe it would!

  2. Shan, I didn’t, but should have. Though he is very close to finishing, he still had time left. I’ll send him an e-mail.

    1. Brandy, I was so glad I hunted him down. I just wish we’d chatted longer. I’m sure he has lots of very cool stories to tell.

  3. Hello All,

    Thanks Kathy for the detour. Great off shoot to small places. Nice stuff. I have made my way north right now and Im in Ithaca, NY heading to NYC tomorrow. Thanks for the comments on the pictures. I still have a lot to add.


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