Almost a month has passed since my last post.

Where has the time gone? Yikes, this year is FLYING.

It’s even hard for me to believe I haven’t posted here in about a month.

I’ll try to get y’all caught up…

Sick Pup

On June 1, I was all set to go feed Charlie and his new pasture-mate, Charlene (female motherless calf), but then Meg got sick. She gets something like pancreatitis involving the biliary tract. It comes on FAST, is painful, and life-threatening. So she and I spent Friday evening at the pet ER. And all weekend hanging out at home taking care of her. We even had to cancel reservations we had with friends for the grand opening of a new restaurant (The Brick at Black Bear Bistro).


The good news is, she’s fine now. She is on a very strict diet, but is doing quite well.

On the bright side, since I had to stay home all weekend, I was finally able to finish painting a bench that Hubby made for Amy (our youngest daughter) and her family.

Gift Delivery

The second weekend of June was pretty busy, too. We had to drive to Baltimore, and slightly beyond, to deliver the bench.

The Bench
The Bench

TJ isn’t in the picture. He’s in the Army and had already reported to his new duty post. Amy and the kids will be joining him soon.

Brianna, Gaige, Amy, and Joey
Brianna, Gaige, Amy, and Joey

Speaking of Amy and kids… look how cute they are sitting on their new bench.

After we left their house, we visited with my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Lester for awhile. Then we went to Mike’s Mom’s for a visit. The last stop was Dad’s house. I knew we wouldn’t bee seeing him on Father’s Day, and we wanted to make sure he had his gift.

Dad and Sylvia
Dad and Sylvia

As he was waiting for his new home to become available, he told me several times that he was looking forward to walking. So we got him a stroller for his sidekick, Sylvia. It’s hard to see, but Sylvia the cat is inside of the stroller.

It was a full day. By the time we got home, we were beat.

On Sunday, Eric and Kelsey, now married, came for a visit. They were here all day Sunday and into Monday.

Eric, Kelsey, and I went to The Brick for lunch. Hubby is dieting, so he opted out. Plus, he had a Boston Butt in the smoker to monitor.

Kelsey had pizza and Eric had a salad.

The Brick’s specialty is Neopolitan pizza, which must be backed in a brick-oven. It’s delicious.

After lunch, the three of us strolled around Middleburg (a nearby town) for a bit then returned home to a fabulous pulled pork dinner.

That fast, two whole weekends were gone.

Odds and Ends

I’ve still been taking flower pictures, too. I’m hoping to make some note-cards soon. When I get some free time.

If only I didn’t have to work…




The Big Move

On the Saturday before Father’s Day (third weekend in June), Hubby and I helped move Dad to Pennsylvania.

Then this past weekend, I spent the weekend at Dad’s new house helping him get a bit more organized and sprucing things up. That’ll have to wait until the next post. Here’s a sneak peek to tide you over…

Front of Dad's New House
Front of Dad’s New House


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