Eyes Around Old Town Warrenton (OTW)

Yesterday was one of those days where, while working, I reached a point where I absolutely could NOT sit at my desk for another single second. Literally. I got all fidgety. Couldn’t sit still no matter how hard I tried. Could not concentrate.

I wasn’t sick. I’d just been staring at and comparing spreadsheet data for four straight hours. I needed a break. Lucky for me it was lunchtime. The sun was out, too, which was nice, since it had been raining all morning.

So I decided to go for a stroll. With my camera, of course. And, in my opinion, I captured some pretty cool pics.

I love how the town flies flags during holidays.

It was a gorgeous day. Temporarily.

I did have a particular destination in mind, but enjoyed meandering along, taking it all in. Old Town Warrenton is very pleasing to the eyes.



IMG_4488 reduced











For you locals who are curious, those images were all shot in the vicinity of North Sixth Street and Horner Street.

The following flowers pics were taken near the corner of High Street and Academy Hill Road.










As for that particular destination I mentioned, I’m getting there. But first, I had to share this house image.


Moving right along to that special place…

I absolutely LOVE this hydrangea bush in the side yard of the house at the corner of High Street and Liberty Street.

It’s just the coolest hydrangea. Not only does it have flowers of multiple colors, it sits atop and hangs over an old stone wall.

Remember, these pics are all from the same bush. The same location, at least. I guess there could be more than one bush planted in that spot.














The next image is my favorite capture of the day. It’s got the flowers AND that awesome wall.


See what I mean? Do you love that bush and wall, too?

It was really humid yesterday, and by that point I was getting quite hot. And drippy. Ugh. So I headed over toward Main Street. The next two images were captured behind the house near the corner of North First and Main Streets.




Actually, I snagged this shot of the water tower from that spot, too.

Big Blue

Although this church sits on Alexandria Pike, I captured this shot of the steeple from the parking lot behind the bank at Main and North First Streets.


I was pretty much done by that point. I hate being hot. So I crossed over Main Street to Jimmie’s Market, which was my other goal for the stroll.

Jimmie’s is a delightful little place. I cannot believe I only entered for the first time a week or so ago. I’ll tell you more about Jimmie’s later. This post is already way too long. But wait, there’s ONE more pic.

I just HAD to share this image of my lunch.

Mascarpone Caramel Pistachio Gelato
Mascarpone Caramel Pistachio Gelato

Boy, was THAT ever tasty.


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  1. I’m pretty sure one of the plants in my backyard is a hydrangea. I’ll have to take a pic and send it to you to confirm. There’s so many new plants – I’m never going to figure out what they all are 🙂

  2. What a great walk. The pictures are so pretty. You always take such great flower photos.

    For some reason the echinacea ones are my favorites – maybe because ours are blooming too.

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