Marveling at Change

My Mom has been on my mind a lot lately.  As the one year anniversary of her death slowly approaches, I can’t help but think about her.

Mom in July 2012
Mom in July 2012

I’m pretty sure that was the last picture taken of her. I actually got it out of her camera after she passed. Her health was poor. She’d been slowly deteriorating since 1993 when she was diagnosed with Scleroderma. I remember thinking that she was looking very thin and frail, but she’d been sick for so long, we just never expected it to catch up with her when it did.

Here’s a picture from better times. It was taken in August 2006 at my daughter Amy’s wedding reception.

L-R, Shannon, Eric, Amy, Dad, Mom, and Me
L-R, Shannon, Eric, Amy, Dad, Mom, and Me

Anyway… as that August date approaches, I can’t help but marvel at all the changes that have taken place since she passed. All the stuff she’s missed.

I’ve been looking forward to this Saturday’s one-year anniversary celebration with mixed feelings. The event marks my friend Janet’s first full year in business at her store, The Empty Nest.  Mom really enjoyed the blog post I did about the grand opening last year. She said several times, she wished she felt better so she could come down to Warrenton to see The Empty Nest and meet Janet in person. She would have loved the store and Janet, too.

This morning, I dug out Mom’s punch bowl, which Janet is borrowing for the party. Ironic, right? Mom won’t be there, but her punch bowl will.

Do people even buy punch bowls anymore? Mom was proud of hers. I had to chuckle as I took it from its original box. It came from McCrory’s. The $13.99 price was written on the box in black magic marker.

I hardly ever see those things used. My mother-in-law always gets hers out at Christmas to serve her “famous” sherbet punch.

What else has Mom missed? The biggest event was Eric’s wedding in April. She had really, REALLY been looking forward to that.

Eric and Kelsey

This next pic always makes me cry. Mom so should have been in that shot.

Eric and Kelsey with Dad

Even if you can’t see her in the photo, we know she was there in spirit.

The other BIG event was Dad’s move to Pennsylvania. She would have been so happy living in PA, too, and I know she’s thrilled for Dad.

There have been lots of other small changes, too. Not changes, really. Just things that I haven’t been able to tell her about. Shannon’s exploration of Central America. Amy’s big move.

I always enjoyed entertaining her with stories.

Mike the chaperone.

I love that shot of Mike with the grand kids. They were headed for the airport. He was chaperoning them during the flight to their new home. (Their parents drove.)

This has been a crazy year. So many friends have lost loved one. Parents. Friends. Dogs. A former co-worker of mine recently succumbed to kidney cancer. While we weren’t very close over the past several years, I still felt her passing.

Okay, time to end this post. It’s gotten far too depressing. And there’s work to be done.

Life goes on, right?

10 Replies to “Marveling at Change”

  1. your post made me cry! My thoughts are with you but know that your mom is shining down on you she is so PROUD of all of you!

  2. Of course you’re going to think about her. And feel sadness at her absence. That’s what happens when we love deeply. It’s the price we pay.

    I’m sorry for your grief. You express your feelings with poignancy.

    McCrory’s! We had one near us growing up and my mom was always looking for low prices.

  3. I honestly don’t think I even remember that pic from Amy’s wedding – it’s such a good one! And even though your mom wasn’t at Eric’s wedding, I think it’s safe to say that we all felt her there.

    That pic of Dad with the kids…such hams, all of them! (Except for maybe Dad :-))

  4. Awwwwww…this was such a touching post. I am honored to be mentioned in the same sentence as your Mom..I am sure she was a very special woman. I would have LOVED to have met her. We will have to toast to your dear Mom tomorrow with sangria served from her punch bowl.

    See you Saturday!

    Janet xox
    The Empty Nest

  5. Thanks, ShyB. Did your McCrorys have a lunch counter? I think ours did. Unless I am remembering the wrong store.

  6. Shan, you know they love goofing for my camera. I made Dad smile. He was looking terrified.

  7. Brandy, time does march on. It’s sometimes disconcerting, but good. Although it does tend to make me reflect on what I have done in my life, will the memories leave people with be good ones, what sort of hole will I leave, etc. we all go one day, after all.

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