Pacific Northwest – Installment 4

Continued from Pacific Northwest – Installment 3

1_IMG_5694After lunch, we skedaddled out of the city and headed east into the Columbia River Gorge (CRG) National Scenic Area. According to the Forest Service’s CRG web site…

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area encompasses 292,500 acres, running from the mouth of the Sandy River to the mouth of the Deschutes and spanning southern Washington and northern Oregon. The Gorge is unique in its natural and cultural history, as well as its designation as a National Scenic Area.

That’s a pretty big area. We could easily spend a week exploring it all. We didn’t have that much time, of course. But Annelies and I both new we just HAD to see Multnomah Falls. The falls are 620 feet high, which makes it the highest waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge.

Multnomah Falls

The image posted above was take from the base. This place is pretty close to the road, which makes it very easy to get to and VERY popular. Even off-season, there are lots of people.

We did walk up to the bridge you see in the first shot to get a closer look at the upper falls…

Upper Cascade of Multnomah Falls

… and the gorge.

View of Gorge from Falls Bridge

The lighting was better on the bridge, so we got a few good people shots, too.

Yves and Annelies


Mike and Me

Yves loves reading informational signs.

Reading about the falls.

After coming down from the falls trail, we walked under the nearby Union Pacific train track. I’m glad no train passed while we were that close to the tracks. That would have been LOUD!

Low-clearance Train Bridge

Once we’d seen enough of the falls and gotten our fill of people-watching, we headed back toward Portland. There were a couple of stops planned from there. The first was the Vista House scenic overlook.

Must-see Scenic Overlook


Looking East


Looking North (that’s Washington across the river)


Looking West


Vista House (up close)

The second planned stop, still a bit further west, was the Portland Women’s Forum Stace Scenic Viewpoint. (If you must know about the odd name of that place, CLICK HERE.)

Vista House (from afar at Portland Women’s Forum)

While there, we had time for a group shot. To get the lighting right, we had to sit facing the sun (sort of), which is why we all look squinty.

Squinty Group Photo

From there, we went to Costco. We really know how to show people a good time!

I wanted to see if they sold Blue Crab meat. They didn’t. But we did buy some thick NY Strip steaks for dinner. And Annelies bought a new suitcase. Yves wanted to buy a new car. But we talked him out of it.

Annelies and Yves were excited to see the inside of a Costco store.

Then we went to a regular grocery store before heading back to the house where Yves cooked us dinner.

We love silly group photos.

That ended our last full day in Portland…

Next up, visiting the Oregon Coast!




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  1. Kathy:

    nothing wrong with visiting a Costco for supplies. Some also sell motorcycles

    Nice to see photos of familiar places. glad to see you having a good time exploring. It’s been a few years since I had ridden to Multnomah Falls.

    I am drooling just thinking about your steaks . . .

    Riding the Wet Coast

  2. Hey I recognize those spots. I am so impressed you got shots of Multnomah Falls and Vista House without a ton of people. Must have been on a week day.

    You might have liked the hike to the top of the falls but you would have huffed and puffed. Trust me.

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