Pacific Northwest – Installment 10

After a sorta longish, unintentional hiatus from vacation posts, I’m back.

This post has been in the works for about a week and a half now. I’m going to hurry up and get it posted, which just means not a lot of commentary, just images. Hopefully I’ll get back into some sort of posting routine soon!

My last post showcased the Hoh Rain Forest. From there, we went to Rialto Beach. Because I absolutely love rocky beaches, this is one of the stops I was most looking forward to.

Rialto Beach is a place of dramatic contrasts. Everything there feels extreme. Let me know if you think I captured the feel of the place well.

Taken while enjoying a late picnic lunch.




Weathered Pines




Happy Couple


Natural Beauty


Giant Driftwood Stump


Long Driftwood Log


ToadMama on Giant Stump


Scenic River


Different Angle


Amid the Debris


Being Silly


Windy Coast


Dark Beauty


Haystacks (those immense offshore rocks)


Gorgeous Colors


Magical Light


As you probably surmised from the pictures, it was quite windy on the beach. And that wasn’t even a stormy day. I’d love to experience Rialto during a storm. From a safe distance, of course. Imagine the power of the surf to move driftwood of that size.

So that ends Installment 10.

Rialto Beach was our last stop at Olympic National Park.

Next up… a brief stop in Canada and more drama at Deception Pass.



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7 Replies to “Pacific Northwest – Installment 10”

  1. Shan, it was a very cool place. “Otherworldly” is as good a descriptor as any. I’d love to go back. This is one of those places I think Amy and TJ need to visit with the kids.

  2. Bob, there weren’t many people there. Maybe because it was mid-week, late in the day, and after Labor Day? Or perhaps it was the wind. Although I did notice a family getting one of the beach-side grills ready to cook dinner.

    I could easily spend days at Rialto trying to capture the light properly. 🙂

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