Hit Me With Your Best Shot – 21-Feb-2014

I was confused about how this Hit Me With Your Best Shot thing works. Apparently, posts are done on Fridays, NOT Thursdays. So, while I thought I was being timely last week, I actually shared my images at the last minute. Sigh…

I think I have it straight now. LOL.


Here’s my entry for Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Week 4).

It’s February in Central Virginia, which usually means cold, snowy, wet, gray weather. This past weekend we were treated to two unseasonably warm days.

On Saturday, we went to Culpeper, but I forgot my camera. On Sunday, I took my motorcycle out for a spin. The plan was to stop and take pictures. I stopped once. But, after that, I was enjoying the ride so much, I didn’t stop again. And now the cold has returned.

So, even though none of these shots are particularly noteworthy, they’re something. The first is my favorite.

Little Georgetown Church

Church of Our Savior / Little Georgetown Church


Heflin’s Store

Heflin’s Store (vacant)


Heflin’s Store (vacant)


It was quite nice at that location. All I could hear were a few birds singing, cows lowing in the distance, and the wind in the trees. Ahhhh.

According to the Fauquier Historical Society

In the village of Little Georgetown stands a stone house known as Helflin’s Store. Built in 1845 by stonemason John Fry, and known originally as Stover’s Store, it functioned as a general store for the local farming community and for travelers and traders along the Thoroughfare Gap Road. Charles and Abraham Stover’s gristmill was located half a mile east of the structure, but only ruins remain. With the establishment of the Manassas Gap Railroad at Broad Run Station in 1852, the store’s business intensified. In 1884, Henry Newlon Brawner, a former cavalryman under Col. Mosby who had been stationed in the area during the Civil War, acquired the Stover Store and changed its name to his own. He sold the business to Edgar W. Heflin in 1899. The general store remained in operation until the 1970’s. It has recently been restored by Mr. and Mrs. John Hazel.


With temps in the high 60s and the roads free of snow and ice, I just had to ride. I should have more pics to share next week.

Great Day for a Ride

And now it’s cold again. It was 12 F when I got up this morning.

I think I need to organize a Come On Spring dance. Or something.

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  1. Kathy, yes! This is what I was missing. You not only post beautiful pictures and a very interesting narration but you include historical facts and information that truly sets your blog apart. I love your pictures but to be more accurate, I love this post!!!

  2. You had me at temps in the high 60’s. We made it to 60 yesterday but of course I was working.

    I really like the pictures of the store. It is wearing pretty good for its age. Thank you for inlcuding a bit of its history too.

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