Hubby, a Bed, and Beauty Day

This post is long overdue. The bed part, anyway. Don’t worry… it’s not X-rated.

Our house has two bedrooms (master and guest) and two offices (Hubby’s and mine). If more than one person or couple visits, they’d either get stuck on the sofabed in the living room (no privacy) or in the basement on an air mattress. (The only problem with the basement, besides the air mattress, is having to walk through Hubby’s workshop to reach the bathroom.)

We though our guests would appreciate having a real bed, but we both need our offices. So Hubby decided to make a Murphy Bed.

Since not everyone is familiar with the Murphy Bed, and because I thought it was interesting, here’s a video for you that explains the history of the Murphy Bed.

As for our Murphy Bed, we decided it would go in Hubby’s office, because that’s a bigger space. I didn’t take a “before” picture, so you’ll just have to imagine a blank wall.

Keep in mind, Hubby buys rough, unplaned lumber. That’s REALLY starting from scratch. (If you don’t know the difference between rough, unplaned lumber and the stuff you buy ready-to-use, check out this past post of mine.)

For this project, Hubby chose Birch plywood and Cherry trim.

Murphy Bed Frame


Murphy Bed Mattress Platform


With mattress in place.


With mattress in place.


Murphy Bed Cabinet


Murphy Bed Cabinet

Pretty cool, eh? The bed was completed before Christmas (I told you this was overdue).

I always tell people that Hubby of mine is handy. He has a vast array of skills. Think of him as the king of DIY.

Guess what he did on Sunday afternoon. Heck, you’ll never guess, so I’ll just show you.

It was beauty day for the Bitches. Also long overdue…

Hubby’s multi-purpose workbench comes in handy for all kinds of tasks.


She looks thrilled, right?


Belle “before,” dreading what she knew was coming.


She also looks thrilled, doesn’t she?


She enjoys this more than she’d have you believe.


K and Belle both submit to grooming.


Hi, Mama.


K, after.


Belle, after. Note Meg’s “don’t even think about it” look.

Meg is the most stubborn, head-strong dog I have ever met. She doesn’t like to be groomed. It takes two of us to give Meg a trim. And even then it’s a challenge. She fights it the whole way.

So she is still a bit shaggy. We may just leave her to the professionals.

Gotta love handy Hubbies, right?

4 Replies to “Hubby, a Bed, and Beauty Day”

  1. Awesome job on the murphy bed. I am sure that is better quality and finish than the ‘professional’ would have done or a store bought one for sure. Nice job.

    Poor pooches don’t look happy at all being groomed, but they sure look smart when done.

  2. Mike did a fantastic job 🙂

    of course I loved the grooming pics and especially Meg’s look of “don’t even go there”. Dakota used to be the same way!

    Thanks for making my day work has been so brutal lately 🙁

  3. That Murphy bed is awesome! The cabinet is gorgeous. Handy hubbys are the best! Dot could use some serious grooming too these days. She’s shedding like crazy.

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