A Working WV Weekend

I’d hoped to tell you all about our working Memorial Day Weekend at the WV Place, but it’s been a busy week.

Our Cozy Little House in the Woods
Our Cozy Little House in the Woods

The last I told you about the place, we’d begun making repairs. Since then, we had a contractor do some drywall work and other stuff. It was left to us to clean, paint, and generally make the house livable again.

I’ll do a full post, sharing pictures, when I have time.

The house looks soooo much better. It’s cozy again.

Now, if only we had time to use it…

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  1. Yes! But not too bad. I was only at it for a few hours. When we sold our MD house, I spent a couple of days with the pressure washer. My arms were REALLY sore then.

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