Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains

Old Town Warrenton [(c) Denise Schefer. All rights reserved.]
I often tell people that Warrenton is the perfect spot for Hubby and me to live. It is away from the crowded, noisy, busy madness we left behind in Maryland. It’s big enough that most of the essentials are available right here in town. And it’s close enough to the densely populated area known as Northern Virginia (NoVA) that, with a 20-30 minute drive, we can pretty much obtain whatever it is we want or need.

According to the most recent Census data, Warrenton has a population of 9,803. The entire county only has ~67,000 people (that equates to 100.7 persons per square mile). The population of our Maryland county (Anne Arundel) was 555,743, which is 414.9 people per square mile. The town where we lived — Severn — by itself had a population of 44,231 in 2010, which equates to 2,497.1 people per square mile. That’s a lot of people.

Although the town of Warrenton has 2,136.3 people per square mile, it is surrounded by rural area. So it FEELS far less crowded. It is certainly more picturesque. Check out my Old Town Warrenton photo collection on FLICKR if you don’t believe me.

It is also surrounded by great motorcycle roads.

This past Saturday, my friend, Dottie, and I did a nice loop of just under 150 road miles. My last post features a nifty slideshow of the last part of the ride leading into town. There’s also a video of Dottie, who only recently got her motorcycle license, leading the way across Thornton Gap.

I just finished editing another video from that ride that I wanted to share.  This Google MAP shows the route covered in my highlights video.

Snapshot of the Overview Map
Snapshot of the Overview Map

Look closely, and you’ll see Warrenton on the right-hand side of the map. Hopefully this will help you appreciate just how close we are to the AMAZING roads featured in the video below.


Are you ready to come for a visit yet?

9 Replies to “Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains”

  1. As always Kathy, I really enjoy your videos. That is so neat to have a little keepsake of each of your trips! (love the music, how do you find it)?

  2. Beautiful country roads and all that greenery. I love it.

    Do the fields go brown during the summer? They do around here as soon as the grass is cut to harvest the seed.

  3. B, it’s ultra-green around here right now. But things stay pretty green throughout the Summer, too. Closely-mown fields may brown-up, but as long as we get normal amounts of precip, it stays nice and green.

  4. What a lovely ride. I especially like the traffic, or there lack of 😉

    Left lane hoggers will get ticketed in Germany. We have some rule along the lines of staying in the right lane except to pass, and passing only happens on left lanes. If you are going to pass on the right lane, you will likely get fined, too…

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