Interestingness (or Not)

It’s funny how seeing stuff triggers the oldest and sometimes oddest memories. Things you thought you had and probably should have forgotten.

When I was 16, I worked in a sub shop in Baltimore. That’s a sandwich shop (for all you folks who prefer hoagie, grinder, hero, submarine or some other odd word).

On more than one occasion during the hot, steamy summer, I served women who paid me with money they’d stored in their bra. These were not fit women. They were large. Very large, actually. And they were all sweaty. It was gross.

I wish this video had been around then…


4 Replies to “Interestingness (or Not)”

  1. That’s so funny! What women do never ceases to amaze me.

    P.S., If you spent time in Ballamore, did you ever hear of an artist named Grace Hartigan? She was famous and a friend of mine.

  2. That is awesome. They need an announcement for mens swim trunks too. Way back in the day I worked as cashier then the courtesy desk at Wal-Mart. Never again.

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