On Hunting Lizards

Our middle dog, K, is a hunter.

If it moves, she’ll stalk it. She’s got very keen eyesight and a sharp nose, too. She’s also got determination, leaning toward compulsiveness and/or obsession.

On a recent trip to the WV Place, K spent a total of about 10-12 HOURS in one day hunting lizards in our woodpile.

Before the woodpile, she was chasing the critters around some cinder blocks.

There are quite a few lizards in our yard. West Virginia only has six different species of lizards, and we saw at least three different species that weekend.

Eastern Fence Lizard


From what I observed, she could see and hear the lizards, but she couldn’t smell them. And, because they are very fast, she had a hard time catching them. In fact, I think it is safe to say that K isn’t a very good lizard hunter.

Determined, yes. Successful, no.

Not such a great lizard hunter.
Not such a great lizard hunter.


I couldn’t help but laugh at her. At THEM, actually. Belle would offer help every now and then, but she’s no better at catching lizards.

"Can you see me now?" says the lizard as he laughs under his breath.
“Can you see me now?” says the lizard as he laughs under his breath.


They did manage to rout out, and try to kill, this cute little skink, which Hubby rescued.

Five-lined Skink (aka Blue-tailed Skink)
Five-lined Skink (aka Blue-tailed Skink)


Meg, who isn’t really into hunting, could not have cared less.



Belle helped on occasion, but quickly lost interest.


K NEVER lost interest.


By the end of the weekend, K was so exhausted, she could barely stand. Which I guess is the reason she walked right past this lizard near the front porch.


Eastern Six-lined Racerunner
Eastern Six-lined Racerunner


Dogs are a never-ending source of entertainment. Our lives would be so dull without them around.

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  1. At least they weren’t bored. And slept all the way home I bet.

    Do they ever catch skinks and eat them? I ask because Baxter used to get skinks or newts in our yard and the toxins would cause him to drool uncontrollably for a day or two. Poor cat, he was too good of a hunter.

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