The Big One Five

All of our dogs are rescue dogs. Hubby has been known to call them “used” dogs. Cast-off, unwanted pets.

Our oldest, Meg, turned 15 yesterday. She is the only of our current dogs who came to us with papers, so I know for sure June 9 is her birthday.

Party Girl
Party Girl
One of Meg's "adopt me" images (Feb-2005).
One of Meg’s “adopt me” images (Feb-2005).

Her health has slowly been declining over the past few years, so today is a big day for us. I didn’t think she’d be around this long. And I don’t know how long she has left. She has good and bad days, so we’ve been taking things one day at a time. As long as she’s relatively comfortable and happy, she’ll be with us.

Meg is sweet — she loves everyone — but has ALWAYS been a challenging dog. She’s very stubborn, extremely food-driven, eats weird stuff (Belle poo, sometimes her own poo, used Kleenex, chocolate (sometimes still-wrapped), butter, birdseed, etc.), and will steal food or some of that aforementioned weird stuff in a heartbeat, whenever the opportunity presents itself.

She has kept us on our toes since day one. But we love her. She’s given us lots of laughs over the years.

She was so difficult that, after just a couple of months, we were seriously considering giving her back. The girl would NOT listen and was always getting into trouble of one sort or another. Terrorizing our cats, stealing food, eating cat poo, digging in the trash, etc. Then one of my rescue friends told me about the dreaded squirt bottle loaded with vinegar water as a disciplinary tool. One shot to the face was finally the thing that got the “no” message across.

To this day, if we even pretend we have a squirt bottle in hand, she pays attention. And we haven’t actually put vinegar in the water since around 2005. LOL.

Anyway… I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Meg pics captured over the years.

On the ride home, the day we adopted her. (Feb 2005)
On the ride home, the day we adopted her. (Feb 2005)


She has always loved snow.
She has always LOVED snow.


Meg in a stare-ff with Moses. She hated that cat.
Meg in a stare-off with Moses. She hated that cat.


Meg during a construction break at the WV Place.
Meg during a construction break at the WV Place.


Enjoying a car ride.
Enjoying a car ride. (She is the absolute WORST car passenger.)


Food-obsessed dog. She especially LOVES chocolate.
Food-obsessed dog. She especially LOVES chocolate.


My clunky lap dog.
My clunky lap dog.


"Hurry up and fix it, Mama." (I was repairing her favorite toy.)
“Hurry up and fix it, Mama.” (I was repairing her favorite toy.)


Meg has always had the most expressive face. My friend Carol often says, “I swear, she’s going to start talking any second.”

Relaxation Interrupted
Relaxation Interrupted


“How dare you not share with me?”




Her crazy sleeping positions have always amazed me.


Elegant old girl.


“Yes, I’m in your bubble. Is that a problem?”


Scholarly Meg


Back when she could run. She loved to run.


Happy to be at the WV Place, her favorite place in the whole world.


Can you tell she loved to run?


“There’s an effing cat on your lap and I do NOT like it.”


Meg and Me


A post all about Meg wouldn’t be complete without everyone’s favorite slideshow.


I have no idea how long Meg has. The heat is hard on her. She’s still going on daily walks with me and the two younguns, but she’s getting REALLY slow.

I love my old girl. Seeing her deteriorate is hard. As long as she’s comfortable, we’ll continue to take it one day at a time. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Kelly. You’re one of the people I called when I was thinking I had to return her. She’s always been a crazy, challenging, but super sweet dog. And she makes the best faces.

  1. So glad she made it to 15. That is quite a milestone.

    She is such a good subject for your photographs too. I had to laugh at her birthday tiara, I have the same one from a coworker last year, lol. And I think I had the same look on my face when I wore it.

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