More Oddities

After seeing two Muffler Men on Friday, Saturday was a bit anti-climactic as spottings of roadside oddities go. But still fun.

I wasn’t going to make Hubby take me to see the last two, but they were so close to downtown San Antonio, which is where we were headed, how could I NOT see them?

I was pretty excited to see Frank’s Hog Stand, a motorcycle-themed drive-in restaurant that also had a giant pig on the premises.

Selfie with Giant Pig
Selfie with Giant Pig


Sadly, Frank’s is no more…

Chinese restaurant? Boo...
Chinese restaurant? Boo…


Fortunately, the pig still stands. And it appears to be quite well-maintained.

Big Pig
Big Pig


Big Pig in Profile
Big Pig in Profile


Next up was the World’s Largest Virgin Mary Mosaic. Not to be confused with the World’s Largest Virgin Mary Statue (that’s in Bulgaria).

Hubby was so excited about that one.

Me and the Mosaic



Four-storey Virgin Mary Mosaic



Me in front of the mosaic for scale.


The museum is on or adjacent to the grounds of the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center. The museum hadn’t opened for the day when we were there. I wish we’d timed the stop better.

Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center


Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center


Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center



It’s pretty cool, right?


And just around the corner was this nice wall mural. I really like wall murals. 🙂

Wall Mural


From there, we proceeded deeper into downtown.

Hubby and I don’t usually vacation in cities. Heck, we tend to avoid cities. Unless it’s a fabulous, old European city.

Next up… sights and sound from downtown San Antonio.

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    1. Bob, San Antonio is actually pretty big. It was just early on a Saturday so most folks were not yet out and about.

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