When Smaller is Better

Interstate highways are boring. They may get you from one point to another faster, but I like to see stuff. Actually, I find highways in general to be rather bland. From a landscape point of view.

Since we had time after leaving Fredericksburg, Texas, instead of following the most-direct route, we opted to check out Grape Creep Road.

Grape Creek Road
Grape Creek Road


Much better than that drab highway, right?

I was just a tad excited when I saw this sign…



Hubby said it would be really unlikely to actually see loose livestock. You know, along the road, outside of a fence and all.

I, on the other hand, had hope.

Itty Bitty Burro
Itty Bitty Burro


The first critter we saw was this mini burro. I think it’s a burro, anyway. I’m not really sure. They seem to be popular in those parts. There were even little burro figurines in the gift shops.

He wasn’t loose, though. He was clearly behind a fence.

But, it wasn’t long at all until we turned a corner and encountered actual LOOSE LIVESTOCK.

Pissed-off Sheep
Pissed-off Sheep


Hubby said we must have pissed it off.



Hubby may have been right. The sheep doesn’t exactly look happy to see us.

Next, we saw a deer.

Hi, Deer!
Hi, Deer!


I know, I know, a wild deer isn’t “livestock.” But it’s cute. Oh, and check out the prickly pear cactus.

We did eventually start seeing cows, but they were well off the edge of the road. Then we saw this.

Loose livestock on the road!


The cow isn’t literally ON the road, but it’s close enough.

The cow was ignoring Hubby.


Hubby tried talking to the cow, but it was ignoring him.

“Because you’re speaking English,” I told him. And then I mooed.



She didn’t actually say “moo” back to me, but I did get her attention.

It would have been absolutely hysterical if she’d walked over and stuck her head in the car.

Grape Creek Road ended a short distance later. From there, we turned right onto Old San Antonio Road. Seconds later, literally, we came across Old Tunnel State Park.

We drove right past it. Then that awesome husband of mine said, “We have time. Wanna turn around?”

I love that guy.

A Bat Tunnel!


It was a pretty little spot. We were there around 3:00 PM. The bats weren’t expected to emerge until about six hours later. So we didn’t linger.

I did take a few quick pics, though.

Me and Hubby


Pretty Flowers


There weren’t nearly as many wildflowers in bloom as there had been during my Spring trip, but it was still a pretty landscape.

Old San Antonio Road


We both agreed that it would’ve been a fun motorcycle road.

Only 35 miles to go to my first mapped sight, so on we went…

Care to guess what it’ll be?

10 Replies to “When Smaller is Better”

  1. I love reading your travel and adventure blogs. Even though I don’t get out of town much I can always count on you to take me to a fascinating different place!

    1. Thanks, Dottie. I’m glad you enjoy reading about my odd adventures. We’ll get out to find some more cool stuff together soon. You’ve already been photographed with the local giant rollerskate. And dinosaurs. I’ll have to plot a new adventure for us soon.

  2. Definitely better than the main highway. So much more to see.

    Watch out for those loose cows – hubby had one spook and back into the side of his truck years ago and dented the quarter panel. Good times

    1. Trob, at least in the loose livestock areas you sort of expect them. We were head east on US 50 once, on a deliciously curvy stretch of road, when we crested a hill and discovered a loose cow in the middle of the road. Lucky it wasn’t after a blind curve.

  3. You’d be “pissed” too if someone were taking your photo while you peed in the field! LOL

    Back roads? Always!

    Nothing better…

  4. Smaller roads are almost always better than bigger ones. Especially when you are on a bike. Some like interstates but they aren’t my preference. Thank you for letting us virtually tag along on your trip!

  5. Richard, I can’t imagine liking interstates. Especially when so many people think the left lane is just another travel lane. Nothing worse than being trapped behind a rolling roadblock.

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