And Then There Was Bruges

Ah, Bruges. I LOVED Bruges. The colors, the brickwork, the architecture in general, the canals, the churches, the myriad, winding streets… it really is my new favorite city.

1_Bruges 089


2_Bruges 115
The Markt (aka Big Market Square)


Amazing Variety of Brick
Amazing Variety of Brick


I should apologize in advance. If you’re not a visual person, you will hate this post. I posted 335 pictures to my Bruges album. It was hard deciding which ones to share here. There was just so much cool stuff to see and to share…

I was absolutely enthralled by the bricks. Everything is made of brick. Houses, barns, industrial buildings, cathedrals, bridges. And they were very creative with their brickwork.


HINT: If you click on an image, you’ll get to see a bigger version and more detail.

3_Bruges 041
Brick, statues, leaded windows, and a stepped facade. Wow.


Bruges is known as one of Belgium’s best-preserved Medieval villages. Even though it’s big, it still feels like a village, too.

Bruges 025
Golden Angel


Bruges 036
Belgian’s are proud of their football team, and for good reason.


Bruges 094
Brick, brick, and more brick.


Bruges 142
On the front of a building in The Markt.


The Belfort
The Belfort, built in the mid-1200s


Belfort as seen from the interior courtyard.
Belfort as seen from the interior courtyard.


Belfort detail. In brick.
Belfort detail. In brick.


Bruges 146
One of many canal “streets.”


Bruges 199
Beautiful blue-sky backdrop.


Bruges 200
Canal-side brick.


Bruges 204
Cool reflection.


Bruges 217
Camembert sandwich (my favorite lunch of the trip).


Bruges 226
Look closely. It’s all brick.


That tall tower is the Church of Our Lady. Built of brick, the tower is just over 401 feet tall (122.3 meters). It’s the second-tallest brickwork tower in the world.

Bruges 246
Even the cathedral ceiling is brick.


Bruges 230
Cathedral art.


Bruges 232
Incredible stonework.


Bruges 243
Cathedral art.


Bruges 255
I adore painted statues.


Bruges 277
Impressive church.


Bruges 296
General interestingness.


Bruges 311
Moor very cool brick-work.


Bruges 316
Gorgeous skyline.


Bruges 327
More brick. Look at those curves.


Bruges 330
Still more brick, color, and leaded windows.


Bruges 332
Canal cul-de-sac?


Bruges 355
Funky-fun mannequin.


Bruges 353
Late-afternoon snack.


Those pics are just a sampling of the images I captured. The rest can be seen in my Bruges album on Flickr. Some of Annelies’ captures are in there, too.

So, who wants to go and visit Bruges now? 🙂

12 Replies to “And Then There Was Bruges”

  1. When I see the name Bruges, I don’t want to say “broooj” – I want to say broo-jes. Which then make me think of blue jeans and then naturally that hideous song ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’ by Neil Diamond – which I can’t get out of my f’n head now.

    Thanks, Kathy. Thanks alot.

    and – i read “general interestingness” as “general intestines” the first time. You know what? Maybe i’ll come back and read your blog later after I’ve had 7 or 8 cups of coffee.

  2. From the sounds of it Fuzzy has had too much coffee, bahahaha. 🙂 I kid

    Loved this post. So many cool brick buildings.

    Could you imagine living there in medieval times? While I think it would be amazing, I think I like modern amenities and toilet paper too much to want to go back in time for very long.

    1. I like modern conveniences, too. I’ve read too much historical fiction to really want to live back then, but it’s fun looking at the stuff and imagining.

  3. I’m not a religious fellow, but I love the intimacy and sincerity characteristic of cathedral art.

    The pizza pics on yesterday’s post had me going “meh”, especially the smoked salmon one, but that of the Camembert sandwich… Mmmm… I was wiping drool from the screen of my tablet. I love meals like that: good cheeses, hearty breads, and fresh greens and other veggies. Throw in a variety of slices from the deli, a good selection of olives, and olive oil and vinegars, of course. Ooo, and don’t forget the red wine (or the beer, Kathy)…

    It is dinnertime, right?

    1. Raindog, I’m not a religious person either, but I love old cathedrals. The statues, especially painted ones, stained glass, wood, paintings, and the architecture in general. Especially old cathedrals.

      We love cheese, too. It’s become our favorite picnic fares. Its great for bike trips. I’d never thought of putting it all on a sandwich, though, but will from now on.

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