Home Again

We are back home after our fabulous European vacation.

It’s funny how a trip that really was to be an uneventful, laid-back visit with friends can result in 3,500+ pictures. It will take a while to go through those, that’s for sure.

As I write this, Hubby is in Baltimore, retrieving our doggie-girls from my mother-in-law’s house. She was kind enough to watch over our babies while we were away.

Eric and Kelsey are coming by for lunch later today. It’s a farewell-for-now lunch as they are leaving for Spain on Monday. Their plan is to live there, assuming they can find jobs to secure the work visas they will need. I’m happy for them, really, but sad knowing two of our kids will be living on a whole ‘nother continent. I do foresee a trip to Spain in the near future, however.

Since I go back to work today, I won’t have time for picture sorting. But I’ll get to it soon.

For now, here are a couple of pics from our last lunch with Annelies and Yves in Trier, Germany.


It’s good to be home, but it is always hard leaving our friends behind. Hubby and I are lucky to have these dear folks in our lives.

Here’s to more amazing adventures together.

9 Replies to “Home Again”

  1. Looking forward to seeing all those pics. Remember the days when we couldn’t take as many as it would cost a fortune to develop? Glad we don’t have to deal with that now.

    You’ll miss the kids but it will be good for them. Imagine having the confidence to go to another country looking for work? How cool.

    1. Yes, I remember those days. Hubby reminds me at least once during every trip just how much money we are saving. 🙂

      I am excited for them, truly, but also very sad. I was quite proud of myself for not crying when they left today. 🙂 I didn’t want to give them a guilt trip. They are certainly beginning a grand adventure.

  2. Its always nice to come home again and settle into comfortable surroundings. I bet the girls were happy your home!

  3. Dar, they actually weren’t here yesterday. Hubby went and picked them up this morning. They all seem happy to be home. I know I am happy they’re home.

  4. It has been awfully quiet without your company… We had such a great time! Still haven’t found cupboard space for all the goodies you guys brought over.

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