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Brussels… Sneak Peek

Sorry, y’all. No time for a full blog post.

We visited Brussels yesterday. It’s a big city. The capital of the European Union. It’s beautiful and, on weekends, quite full of tourists.

Here’s a quick sneak peek of the Grand Place… Brussels’ central market square.


Brussels Grand Place



Brussels Grand Place



Brussels Grand Place



Brussels Grand Place



Brussels Grand Place



Brussels Grand Place


The architecture in European cities is amazing. I could walk around just looking at building for days and days.


I’ll share more pics when I have time. I promise.

Today we went to Bruges, which makes Brussels look ugly by comparison.

All is well on the eastern side of the pond. Tomorrow, we head North across the channel. 🙂


  1. Jack's Gravatar Jack
    September 15, 2014    

    Capital? Please dear god no.
    “The European Union does not have a capital. It is an organisation not a place. Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is the city regarded as having its headquarters. This is where most of the EU institutions are based.”

  2. ToadMama's Gravatar ToadMama
    September 15, 2014    

    Sorry, Jack. I should have said “de facto” capital. Thanks for that clarification.

  3. September 15, 2014    

    I love old architecture so I am loving your Europe pics. I’d get lost just wandering around and looking up at all the buildings.

    • ToadMama's Gravatar ToadMama
      September 17, 2014    

      Brandy, the brick work in Belgium amazes me. Everything is built with brick. The detail is very cool. Of course, I have pics to share. Just not a lot of time for posting.

  4. shan's Gravatar shan
    September 15, 2014    

    Bruges has been on my to-do list for years. I’m jealous.

    • ToadMama's Gravatar ToadMama
      September 17, 2014    

      Shan, it’s my new favorite European city.

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